Netflix’s Argentinian Suspense Reaches 2nd Place Among Most Watched Movies of the Week; Check out!

The Suspense’Return‘ (Pipa) finally reached the Netflix to close the Argentine trilogy started with the films ‘missing’ and ‘Omen‘, released in 2018 and 2020.

Next, we follow the ex-policeman Pipa Pelari (Luisana Lopilato) living isolated in a modest town with the intention of trying to forget the demons that haunt her troubled past.

With a promise that she would forever reject violence, she is put to the test when she becomes involved in the murder case of a young local girl.

With her sense of justice still honed, Pelari is drawn to the investigation of the crime, which could lead her once again to the bottom of the emotional well from which she struggled so much to escape.

Written and directed by Alejandro MontielReturn‘ already occupies the 2nd place among the most viewed titles of the week, behind only ‘hidden agent‘, the spy movie starring Ryan Gosling (‘Blade Runner 2049’) and Chris Evans (‘Avengers: Endgame’).

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However, the title is being heavily criticized by the platform’s subscribers on social networks due to the lack of originality of the script and the drawn out and tiring plot.

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In addition to Lopilate, the list also has Malena Narvay, Mauricio Paniagua, INés Estévez, Santiago Artemis, Paulina García, Ariel Staltari and Manuel Ramos.

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