Netflix: what to watch on the platform in December 2021?

What are we watching on Netflix in December 2021? Discover below the program of series and films expected on the platform! There is something for every taste.

December 2021: what to see on Netflix?

Netflix original series

In an epic final season, a heightened survival instinct drives the Robinson Crusoes together to protect Alpha Centauri from invading robots.

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The last lap of the Spanish series!

The situation turns into a nightmare for the professor who must do everything to remove the gold from the bank, but especially his team in peril …

The Paper House © Netflix

The campers abandon Isla Nublar without regret … But they quickly run aground in a strange new territory, teeming with threats and full of well-kept secrets.

The long awaited return of Geralt de Riv! The epic series that unites monsters, magic and fate returns for a second season.

Henry Cavill dans The Witcher saison 2
Henry Cavill dans The Witcher saison 2 © Netflix

The return of the most Parisian of Americans, who will find herself at the center of a love triangle.

Emily in Paris saison 2
Emily in Paris saison 2 © Carole Bethuel/Netflix

The long-awaited new episodes of the series derived from the universe of Karate Kid !

Netflix Original Movies

Jane Campion’s new film, which won the Best Director’s Award at the 2021 Venice Film Festival. Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons.

A charismatic breeder, Phil Burbank inspires fear and admiration. He lives hard on the new wife of his brother and his son … until he catches a glimpse of love.

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The Power of the Dog
Benedict Cumberbatch dans The Power of the Dog © Netflix

After Bird Box in 2018, Sandra Bullock is once again leading a Netflix movie.

Freed from prison, a woman convicted of murder returns to a society that refuses to forgive her and seeks the little sister she was forced to abandon.

Sandra Bullock in Unforgivable
Sandra Bullock in Unforgivable © Netflix

Paolo Sorrentino’s new film, Grand Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival 2021.

In the Naples of the 80s, the young Fabietto saw his passion for football when the family tragedy struck, which would forge his fragile but promising future as a filmmaker.

Adam McKay’s new film (The Big Short) with an incredible cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Timothée Chalamet …

Two panicked astronomers embark on a media tour to warn humanity that a killer comet is hitting Earth. But there is still more serious, no?

Leonardo DiCaprio et Jennifer Lawrence dans Don't Look Up
Leonardo DiCaprio et Jennifer Lawrence dans Don’t Look Up © Netflix

The first film directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal, prize for best screenplay at the Venice Film Festival 2021, adapted by Elena Ferrante.

A woman’s peaceful seaside vacation is spoiled when her obsession with a young mother staying in a nearby villa awakens a painful past.

Olivia Colman et Dakota Johnson dans The Lost Daughter
Olivia Colman et Dakota Johnson dans The Lost Daughter © Netflix

New films available

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