Netflix: what movies to watch during the weekend


With the arrival of the weekend, Netflix once again becomes the great ally of viewers. But, what is ideal to see on these days of rest? Meet the 2 most successful movies so far that you should not miss.

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The arrival of the weekend makes Netflix in the center of attention of its users. The platform, which has been in force in the world of streaming for more than a decade, continues to grow and is the most chosen by viewers. And, despite the fact that a few weeks ago they announced losing over 2000 subscribersthey have already managed to recover the attraction of their fans.

This is because, in recent days, Netflix has made impressive and very important premieres that have placed it back on top. One of the great strategies of the streaming giant is, precisely, to be able to please its fans by renewing its catalog month after month. For this reason, May could not be the exception, but the difference is that this month they shared two films that were a worldwide success. Get to know them and enjoy them this weekend.

+ The 2 most successful movies on Netflix so far:

2. Let yourself go:

On May 6, Netflix launched Let Go, a film directed and scripted by Sofía Álvarez, the same creator of To all the boys I fell in love with. On this occasion, the recently released film stars Emma Pasarow and Belmont Cameli and is already fourth in the list of the most played on the platform. According to statistics, this feature film garnered 10,840,000 hours viewed globally in just one week.

The official synopsis reads: “Before starting college, Auden will spend his last summer in picturesque Colby. While the other teens party on the sunny beach, the lonely Auden spends her time wandering the streets when everyone else is asleep. Everything changes when she meets Eli, a charming and mysterious boy with whom she has something in common: long sleepless nights. In Ella’s Nightly Adventures, Eli challenges Auden to live out all of her childhood dreams. The connection that arises between them urges them to confront why they settle for living in the shadows, while, hand in hand, they discover how to enjoy themselves to the fullest.”.

1. 365 days: That day:

On April 27, Netflix added to its catalog the long-awaited sequel to 365, the erotic film starring Michele Morrone and Ana Maria Sieklucka. This film, which was first released in 2020, was listed as “the new and improved version of 50 shades of Grey”. And now, with its second part, it has returned to sell more drama and sex between the protagonists. So much so that it continues to cause a stir on the platform to the point that it has been leading the TOP 10 for 2 weeks with 27,530,000 hours viewed worldwide.

The official synopsis reads: “Laura and Massimo are back, more passionate than ever. But the relationship is complicated by Massimo’s family obligations and the appearance of a mysterious man in Laura’s life, who is determined to win her trust and her heart, no matter what it takes.”.

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