Netflix thriller series is the new passion of subscribers; Check out the reactions!

THE Netflix tends to positively surprise subscribers with foreign productions, and it’s no different with the Austrian series ‘The Woman of the Dead‘.

Full of suspense and breathtaking twists, the plot accompanies a vengeful woman with a mysterious plan to unravel the murder of her husband.

While investigating the death of her beloved, she discovers a secret scheme between powerful people in the region where she lives and orchestrates a plan to expose those involved.

Written and directed by Nicolas Rohdethe work is an adaptation of the novel ‘Totenfrau‘, launched by the writer Bernard Aichner in 2015.

starring Anna Maria Mühe (‘Girls Don’t Cry’), the attraction conquered 81% approval of the public in Rotten Tomatoes and has been conquering Netflix subscribers.

On social networks, the public is impacted by the direction of the story, which manages to hold attention at all times throughout the six episodes.

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The cast also has Robert Palfrader (‘Walking on Sunshine’), Yousef ‘Joe’ Sweid (‘Munich in Flames’), Romina Kuper (‘Malou’), Stephanie Lexer (‘Clash of Futures’), among others.

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