Netflix: this is the best episode of The Sandman


The series inspired by the work of Neil Gaiman premiered on the streaming platform this Friday. The first season consists of ten episodes.

The series has not yet confirmed its second season.
© IMDbThe series has not yet confirmed its second season.

For years, lovers of The Sandman they dreamed of seeing this comic created by Neil Gaman adapted on the small screen or in film form. The story created in the 1980s focuses on the sovereign of the Dream’s world, Morpheuswho is captured by a human being and this creates havoc that makes the boundaries between his world and that of human beings become somewhat blurred, to the point that some of the subjects of Morpheus they manage to escape to live among men.

This Friday came to Netflix the first season of the adaptation of The Sandman which has the direct supervision of the Neil Gaman. Starring Tom Sturridgehe moved away a little from the original material and with the elements he took from the publication he decided to tell a new story in which the Corinthian is one of the main villains, as well as John Dee (performed on the show by David Thewlisthe star of Harry Potter).

One of the most important points to highlight in this version of The Sandman it’s your tone. Although it is presented as a series that seeks an adult audience, specifically because of the foul language that makes it impossible to have a rating for minors, the visual treatment and some artistic and plot resolutions are quite innocent, at times bordering on kitsch. in the best style Riverdale either Sabrina’s Hidden World.

The result that is obtained is a rather bland production, which without being the disaster that could be feared, becomes boring, passista. This does not mean that there is nothing to highlight about this production throughout its ten chapters. One can safely highlight the episode in which John Dee puts the ruby ​​into play in a restaurant with which he “opens the eyes” of the customers who pass by, but if the best of all the episodes is to be highlighted, it is necessary to look in the second half of The Sandman.

+ The sound of his wings, the best chapter of The Sandman

The episode that manages to stand out above the rest in the first season of The Sandman is the sixth, entitled “The Sound of His Wings”. It is a kind of essay that wanders between life and death, between how we perceive or relate to death and what we do with the days that we have to travel on this plane. Far from the overloaded aesthetic (with dubious CGI) that characterized the other chapters, this episode becomes more earthy, with a very well achieved rhythm that brings out the best performances of its characters. What was the best chapter for you?

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