Netflix: these are the 3 productions that should be part of your plans for the weekend


The weekend has arrived and Netflix is ​​turned on in thousands of homes. But what are the best productions to take advantage of?

The Society
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NowadaysNetflix It became the standard platform for thousands of families around the world. The streaming giant, as it is considered thanks to its millions of users, has a wide and varied content not only for all ages, but also tastes. Well, from horror fans to faithful followers of romance, you can find different movies or series worthy of your preferences.

In fact, the growth of Netflix that the same company has had to open different sections in its catalog in order to have all its content in order. And, one of the last ones, it is ideal for the weekend. The new section of the streaming giant is called“plans for the weekend” and, without a doubt, it is perfect to identify a production when one does not know what to see. But, do you want to know what are the 3 best creations for these rest days?

+ The 3 Netflix productions you shouldn’t miss this weekend:

3. Biohackers:

It is a series that premiered on Netflix in 2020 combining science fiction and psychological thriller. Starring Luna Wedler, this strip is originally from Germany and has a total of 12 episodes that were divided into two seasons. In fact, it is considered a miniseries because it lasts, in total, only 88 minutes.

Spoiler Synopsis: After a family tragedy Mia, a medical student, attends college in order to expose the alleged conspiracy guilty of her tragedy. Although, as if this were not enough, a biology teacher is also in the middle of this chaos. And, despite the fact that these are the intentions of the protagonist, she actually ends up in the world of biohacking.

2.The Society:

This series, with only one season of ten episodes, premiered for the first time in 2019, but in 2020 it was canceled during the filming of its second season. This is because, due to COVID, the recordings were abysmally slowed down and they could not continue. The strip stars Alex Fitzalan and Kathryn Newton.

Spoiler Synopsis: West Ham, a wealthy London town suffers a surprising tragedy: the inhabitants disappear in a mysterious way. But, the only ones who are saved are the teenagers, who must create a new society to survive since they have no way out of the city.


Originally from Germany, Kitz It has a season of six episodes with a total duration of 45 minutes. The production encompasses drama and self-improvement lessons from a teenager who suffers a great tragedy, but also seeks revenge. Starring Sofie Eifertinger, Bless Amada and Valerie Huber, this fiction has the ideal length for the weekend.

Spoiler Synopsis: Lisi, a girl grieving the tragic death of her brother, decides to infiltrate the glamorous world of a group of wealthy young men from Munich in order to get revenge on the girl she blames for her loss. These guys come to the Kitzbuhel ski resort every season to celebrate, but soon Lisi approaches them to reveal the truth behind the facade full of glamour, money and hedonism, with unexpected consequences.

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