Netflix: the film with Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling will have a prequel


The Gray Man tape promises to become a pure action franchise. This is what the brothers Joe and Anthony Russo are preparing with the actor from Captain America.

Chris Evans stars in The Gray Man.
© IMDbChris Evans stars in The Gray Man.

The strong bet Netflix remains its original content. With movies that became phenomena like Red Notice either Don’t Look Upnow the streaming platform will try to repeat the event with The Gray Mana film that will star Chris Evans Y Ryan Gosling. But unlike waiting for the premiere to then present a sequel, the entertainment company knows that the film will work and, in this way, began the development of a prequel.

will be the July 22 when the subscription service finally premieres one of the most anticipated feature films. What will it be about? the protagonist of La La Land will play Sierra Six, a CIA agent on the run after discovering the agency’s darkest secrets. In this way, the Captain America actor will appear as an old companion, called Lloyd Hansen, who will seek to catch him. This project has a $200 million budgetbeing the most expensive original movie in Netflix history.

In some countries of the world, The Gray Man It will have its premiere in theaters from July 15 and then make the leap to Netflix, as happened with other similar productions. But although there are two months left for its release date, the streaming platform wastes no time and is in full production of the prequel of this same story. This has been confirmed by Empire magazine, which ensures that the plot will revolve around the character of Chris Evans.

Being in an initial stage, the truth is that Netflix has not yet started any type of filming, although it does have its script underway. Those in charge of carrying it out will be none other than Rhett Reese and Paul Wernickduo responsible for the phenomenon of dead pool. Good news! Because the production by the brothers Joe and Anthony Russo would also have confirmed sequel for later.

Without an assured release date, Empire stated that they are working on the script for the second part with the writer of Marvel, Stephen McFeely. Likewise, Ryan Gosling would be back to continue narrating this story in pure action. With the presence of its protagonists and its confirmed screenwriters, now it only remains to be seen if the filmmakers behind Avengers: Infinity War Y Avengers: Endgame They will also return to collaborate on the franchise that is being born.

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