Netflix: the candidate to STAR IN THE ETERNAUTA


The streaming platform is preparing an Argentine mega-production based on the work of Héctor Germán Oesterheld.

© NetflixThe platform announced the project three years ago.

In February 2020, just days before the pandemic breaks out and the world comes to a standstill, Netflix announced that he was working on an Argentine mega-production: The Eternaut. The graphic novel written by Hector German Oesterheld was going to be taken to the platform streaming by the hand of Bruno Stagnarothe person in charge of squats.

Since this news was released, the networks did not take long to position their main candidate for The Eternaut: Federico D’Elia (The Simulators). The physical resemblance and age went hand in hand with her clear possibilities. However, this was not confirmed and now the versions that circulate point to another Argentine actor.

According to the versions that began to circulate in media such as Clarion, Ricardo Darin He is the main candidate to put himself in the shoes of John Savedthe protagonist of The Eternaut. The rumor would have been born from the hearts of those who traveled to represent “Argentina, 1985” in the oscars 2023.

The same medium mentioned above communicated with Ricardo Darin who held: “Nothing confirmed yet. I can’t talk until then.”. Everything indicates that the negotiations have already begun. Besides, The Eternaut will be produced by K&Sthe company behind other titles that included the Argentine icon as wild tales, The range and the odyssey of the giles.

+What is The Eternaut about

Set in a dystopian world, The Eternaut takes place between the end of the 50s and the beginning of the 60s, with John Saved as the protagonist of a story where a strange meteorological fact (luminescent snowfall that kills on contact) hides the invasion of aliens on planet Earth. It was written by oesterheld (her grandson, Martin Oesterheldwill be a consultant for the series of Netflix) and drawn by Francisco Solano Lopez.

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