Netflix should increase its prices again in France in 2023

By Graziella L. Posted Jan 15, 2022 5:29 PM

The video on demand platform Netflix has just announced a new increase in its prices in the United States. This should take place within a year in France, i.e. in 2023.

This is bad news for all party goers Netflix on the couch. The platform announced a news increase in its prices, that we are already subscriber or new subscriber, in the United States and Canada. Generally, the increase is reflected in France the following year, i.e. early 2023. For the basic offer, this is equivalent to an increase of 2 euros over 2 years.

For newcomers, the new rates are applicable now while long-time subscribers will only pay more in the next round of billing. L’basic offer of Netflix (in 480p only!) will cost 9,99 dollars per month compared to $8.99 previously. The offer “standard“, which gives access to two screens simultaneously in HD quality, goes to 15,49 dollars instead of $13.99. The subscription “premium“, the most expensive, for four simultaneous screens and programs in 4K, goes to 19,99 dollars against 17.99.

The platform, leader of video streaming, justifies this sudden increase by its desire to invest and to produce original films, series and documentaries, particularly in France. At the fend of June, Netflix had capitalized a turnover of $7.3 billion with 210 million paying subscribers in the world. This recurring increase of one to two euros could well displease current subscribers, who may eventually move towards the offers of Disney+ or AmazonPrime.

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