Netflix shivers with period thriller

For horror fans, Netflix is ​​an essential platform. In addition to having the biggest Hollywood hits, streaming offers subscribers movies from around the world. If you want to check out a chilling story that mixes period elements with really scary scenes, a great option is the Indian feature Bulbbul.

Bulbbul is an Indian supernatural thriller originally released in 2020, created and directed by Anvita Dutt and produced by Anushka Sharma.

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The film received great praise from the specialized critics and secured 83% approval in Rotten Tomatoes, mainly for creatively approaching its historical setting. Bulbbul’s story takes place during the Bengal presidency in the mid-1880s.

We’ve explained everything you need to know about Bulbbul’s plot and cast on Netflix below; check out.

All about Bulbbul on Netflix

Bulbbul’s story begins in 1881, when a precocious girl with a special interest in scary stories lives an arranged marriage in a wealthy family.

The protagonist Bulbbul is surprised to realize that her husband would not be the boy Satya – with whom she had already formed a quick connection – but her sinister older brother Indranil.

The family panorama is completed by Mahendra, Indranil’s twin brother, and his wife Binodini – who is very envious of Bulbbul.

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With the characters already established, the film jumps 20 years into the future. Satya returns from his studies in London, and is informed of a series of mysterious deaths that took place during his absence.

The villagers believe the deaths are the work of a witch who haunts the local forest. But Satya, aka Jonathan Harker in Dracula, dismisses the accounts as “superstitions and beliefs.”

Satya is also surprised by the changes in his own family. Mahendra, for example, dies in his sleep. Indranil, the older brother, disappears.

Bulbbul, on the other hand, is no longer that happy and witty girl. The character fully assumes her role of “woman of the house” and commands all aspects of the family’s residence.

In this complicated scenario, Satya decides to investigate the mysterious deaths – and ends up facing a supernatural reality that cannot be ignored.

The film does a great job of relating supernatural elements to the sexism of Indian society, especially in the nineteenth century panorama.

Elenco de Bulbbul é Formed by Tripti Dimri (Bulbbul), Avinash Tiwary (Satya), Paoli Dam (Binodini), Rahul Bose (Indranil) and Parambrata Chattopadhyay (Dr. Sudip).

Bulbbul is available in the Brazilian catalog from Netflix.

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