Netflix series canceled after 7 seasons

According to Deadline, the end is coming for Supermoms, a Netflix series. The series will end after seven seasons.

Supermoms is a partnership between Netflix and CBC. It is worth noting that, at least, this is not a cancellation that came out of nowhere, because the series will at least have a chance to air its seventh season.

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The seventh and final season of Supermoms will be released on Netflix sometime in 2023, but without a specific release date yet.

End of the line for Supermoms

Read the synopsis for Netflix’s Supermoms below.

“Maternity leave is over. Returning to work, four moms must juggle kids, bosses, love and busy life in Toronto.”

In its cast, Supermoms has stars such as Catherine Reitman, Dani Kind and Juno Rinaldi. The series was created by Catherine Reitman herself.

Supermoms is available on Netflix.

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