Netflix Review | Jennifer Lopez: Halftime Celebrates the Struggle of a Latin Artist in Hollywood

Jennifer Lopez he’s almost like a unicorn in the entertainment industry, able to move through music, dance and acting with ease – even if his film projects don’t always appeal to everyone. Regardless of opinions, it is inevitable to consider that the Latin artist has a versatility that is totally her own. Although she doesn’t reach very high vocal notes, JLo it’s like a rare artistic monument to find.

AND halftime tries to explore the backstage of this extensive journey that today culminates in its 52 years marked by a constant activity that does not seem to want to slow down anytime soon. And even though the new original documentary by Netflix doesn’t offer the raw honesty we craved to see, the production delivers the genuine perspective of JLo about all the stereotypes she was subjected to in the 90s and 2000s.

Of Puerto Rican origin, Lopez quickly established itself in the industry through the success of the beloved biopic Selena, which celebrates the eponymous Teja singer, who conquered the United States with her unsurpassed talent. AND Jennifer Lopez: Halftime tries to make a more clinical analysis of the impact that the feature has had on Hollywood, as it builds a parallel with the singer/actress’ particular journey, as an emerging Latin figure in an industry marked only by Caucasian beauty.

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And although the documentary does not delve into the personal, emotional and relational issues of JLo, it brings an important reflection on how some female artists were perceived by the media. Despite a prolific multifaceted career, Jennifer Lopez spent two decades being uniquely seen as the Latina with a busy love life. While her professional efforts were muffled in front of her peers in the industry, her intimate life – even if she was little talked about by herself – was featured in a wide range of tabloids, who naturally amused themselves invasively at the expense of her sensuality.

It’s interesting to hear Lopez talking about the weight of media pressure throughout his career. While she shies away from darker details about her psycho-emotional conflicts in the face of all this turmoil, halftime serves as the artist’s chance to express feelings that have remained bottled up for years. With the documentary narrative always conducted by herself, the film does not have many testimonies from others and focuses mostly on what JLo to mean.

Also functioning as a documentary stream of a specific period of his life – mid-2019 and 2020 -, the feature focuses more on his journey from the launch of The Hustlers, through the awards season, through the numerous speculations about a possible nomination for the Oscar and arriving in his lauded performance at the Super Bowl. Showing your creative process throughout all these stages, Jennifer Lopez: Halftime it works more like a peek through the keyhole, which, while revealing little to us, satisfies part of our curiosity about the artist’s character behind the tight costumes and elaborate performances. It may leave a lot to be desired, but it is still good entertainment.

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