Netflix Review | Back to the Ball: Teen Comedy with Rebel Wilson abuses the appealing jokes, but it’s fun for its nostalgia

Appropriating the purest nostalgia of the 90s and 2000s, De Volta ao Baile is the kind of guilty pleasure that the fingerprints of Netflix printed along its entire length. From the exaggerated clichés to the excess of appealing jokes, the comedy directed by Alex Hardcastle it’s a colorful coming-of-age journey that replicates every kind of cheap reflection we’ve ever seen in other productions of the genre.

Like a patchwork quilt made up of fragments from other films, the film doesn’t reinvent the teen comedy genre, nor does it want to. Unpretentious and with a very simplistic script, after the dance works like a classic Afternoon Session that demands nothing from its audience – apart from two hours of enthusiasm, necessary to check out the countless reruns of stereotypes that we have seen so much in films as She is great, I’ve never been kissed, Freaky Fridayamong others.

and even though Rebel Wilson force a far too caricatured humor with unnecessary appealing jokes, she gets it right most of the time, mainly because she presents herself as a contrast of the new generation – repressed by so many militancy that are often more boring than actually positive. And by building the whole plot on top of a moodboard of Pinterest of POP references, the screenwriters Brandon Scott Jones, Andrew Knauer and Arthur Pielli they appeal to the nostalgic factor of the audience that reached their 30s, in a maneuver that, although not new, always works very well.

References from the 90s and 2000s still make De Volta ao Baile a pleasant spiral, directly affecting its aesthetics, production design and, of course, costume design. Bringing back a series of extremely dangerous trends that marked the era (God forbid layered blouses and low pants come back into fashion!), hardcastle and its team of screenwriters play with our memories and conquer us more for their appeal to the past than for their filmic quality. And honestly? back to prom that’s about it. And it’s okay.

With a delicious soundtrack that quickly captures the ears of millennials and with cheesy catchphrases that could only have emerged from the 2000s, the teen comedy is the kind that – while forgettable – promises two hours of fond memories of a fun time that even hipsters could not fully rescue today. A guilty pleasure that will not be etched in memory, back to prom it may even be more of a ride for young adults, but it still has a certain charisma to meet the younger generations, even if they miss half of its jokes.

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