Netflix releases trailer and reveals participants of the second season of ‘Blind Wedding’

After postponing the premiere of the second season of “Blind Wedding”, Netflix left fans of the show with a taste of wanting more release the list of participants and a trailer for the reality show. the official trailer will show the participants who go to talk in the cabin and go to the altar, a moment that shook the web during the first season.

if getting to know each other without any physical or visual contact, couples begin the dynamic by talking and decide who to propose to. The second stage will have a honeymoon at a hotel in the Amazon rainforest, moment when couples can better understand if there really is chemistry between them.

The second season has Premiere scheduled for December 28 and will be divided into parts. Presented by Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo, “Casamento à Cegas” will have two final parts on January 4 and 11 from 2023.

The ten participants have already been announcednamely Alisson Hentges, Guilherme Martins, Robert Richard, Tiago Augusto, William Domiêncio, Flávia Queiroz, Maíra Bullos, Thamara Térez, Vanessa Carvalho and Verônica Brito.

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