Netflix releases this week (January 10-16)

Netflix has a busy week between January 10th and 16th. The highlight of the period seems to be suspense and horror, with interesting titles in the genre coming up.

The week on the streaming service has movies like Clovehitch’s Killer and Indecent. The first tells the story of a teenager who discovers a serial killer in his own family; while the second features a writer who needs to solve her own sister’s murder.

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Among the series, the highlight is the horror production Archive 81. A collection of tapes hides a scary story about a macabre sect.

Check out all the Netflix releases for the week from January 10th to 16th below.

Operation Ecstasy: Season 3 – January 10

Hoping to change his life, Bob accepts a dangerous secret mission to expose an informant to the police, but again runs into Ferry Bouman.

Turning the tables – January 10th

A police officer heads the operation to close an illegal gambling and, to get information, decides to play the game — but the situation gets out of his control. A film by Caio Cobra with Rainer Cadete, Stepan Nercessian, Natallia Rodrigues and Cláudio Manoel.

The Origin of the World – January 11th

After Jean-Louis’s heart stops beating, he must face his Oedipal questions and ask his mother an unthinkable question or die in three days.

How I Fell in Love with a Gangster – January 12th

A mysterious woman talks about the rise and fall of Nikodem “Nikoś” Skotarczak, one of the greatest gangsters in Polish history. Inspired by a true story.

Clovehitch’s Killer – January 12th

A teenager and his family live the perfect life. Until he discovers that someone very close might be a serial killer.

Cheer (Season 2) – January 12th

This documentary series follows the ups and downs of the Navarro University cheerleader team as they train for a coveted national title.

The Journalist – January 13th

A dedicated journalist does her best to uncover the truth about a government corruption scandal — but she will have to face powerful enemies along the way.

Blue Blood – January 13th

Returning to his home island, an artist separated from his family years ago faces old wounds and ghosts from the past.

Indecent – January 13th

Grace Miller is a mystery novelist famous for her instinct to solve crimes. Now, she’s going to need all that talent to investigate her sister’s murder.

The Leaked Photos – January 13th

After losing her scholarship over some photos at a party, a student decides to investigate what happened to her that night.

Shaman King – 13 de janeiro

Medium Yoh Asakura enters a tournament that takes place every five hundred years to crown the king of shamans.

This Isn’t a Comedy – January 14th

Facing a crossroads in life, a comedian receives a curious proposal from his best friend.

After Life – You’ll have to swallow me: Season 3 – January 14th

Tony (Ricky Gervais) may be a little less grumpy, but he still can’t fill the void left by his wife’s death.

The House – 14 de janeiro

This acidic and eccentric comedy anthology was directed by top independent stop-motion animation talents.

File 81 – January 14th

He was hired to restore a collection of videotapes, but ends up rebuilding the work of a documentary maker who investigated a dangerous sect.

Riverdance: A Dancing Adventure – January 14th

After a great loss, Irishman Keegan and his Spanish friend Moya learn to dance to ward off dangers and moments of despair with a group of magical moose.

Those Black Eyes – January 14th

Pursued by the daughter of a politician who is capable of anything to be with him, a man takes a dark and dangerous path to regain control of his own life.

The Struggle of Fatuma – January 14th

This film closely follows the struggle of mother and daughter for recognition of their contributions to the family farm.

Reins of Redemption – January 15th

Trying to rebuild his relationship with his daughter, a hardened criminal enters a prison horse rehabilitation program.

Pets: The Secret Life of Animals 2nd – 15th January

The dogs Duke and Max meet the new little human in the family and adapt to life on the farm. Meanwhile, the group of pets is still up to no good in town.

Universe Z and Come Dance with Universe Z (Seasons 3) – January 15th

Follow Zi in a colorful world where she crafts, plays and has fun with the help of two special friends: a tablet and a computer.

So far there are no releases for January 16th.

Remembering that Netflix can change release dates.

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