Netflix releases clip with new stories from ‘Junji Ito: Macabre Stories from Japan’

It was announced by Netflix five new tales of ‘Junji Ito Maniac‘, animated series that in Brazil won the title of ‘Junji Ito: Macabre Stories from Japan🇧🇷

These five additional stories will arrive in the Netflix in January 2023. The anime tells one horror-themed story per episode, focusing on bizarre Japanese legends.

Below you can see the released clip of the material:

It is worth noting thatTomie‘ is the first work of Junji Itowhich has already earned him an award Kazuo Umezu in 1989.

Take the time to watch:

Synopsis: You can kill her as many times as you want, and she will still resurface in this world, more beautiful than ever. Nobody knows for sure who or what she is, but one thing is for sure: if you come across Tomie Kawakami, your fate is sealed. And he couldn’t be more terrifying.

Behind a fascinating face, enhanced by a single mole under the left eye, hides a terrible evil. A seductive evil, capable of bewitching men and leading them to commit the most heinous of acts: murder. But how to explain the macabre fact that the victim of this homicidal instinct is Tomie herself? They kill and kill and kill her, but the world will never be free of Tomie.

Be sure to watch:

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