Netflix premieres The Wrath of God, an unparalleled psychological thriller that mixes revenge, mystery and death


The God’s anger stars Diego Peretti, Juan Minujín and Macarena Achaga and arrives on Netflix tomorrow, June 15. In this review, without spoilers, we tell you the good and the bad of the new Argentine film.

Diego Peretti in The Wrath of God
© NetflixDiego Peretti in The Wrath of God

Revenge is a dish best served cold”, says the saying and that is precisely what is reflected in the new Netflix movie: The God’s anger. This film hits the platform tomorrow, June 15, and stars Diego Peretti, Juan Minujin Y Macarena Achaga. Encompassing fiction, drama, mystery and death, this feature film based on the novel The slow death of Luciana B contains an impressive visual display and will give much to talk about.

The God’s anger follows the story of some unfortunate deaths around Luciana’s family (Macarena Achaga). The film begins and ends in the imposing El Ateneo bookstore, where tribute and applause are paid to Kloster (Diego Peretti), a best-selling crime writer who has just released his new novel. But, among so many happy people, Esteban Rey appears (Juan Minujin), a journalist who warns the author that Luciana is waiting for him on the top floor and, to avoid a scandal, it is better for him to come closer.

Then, the long-awaited meeting happens, although the fall of a body into the void changes everything, beginning with a chain of deaths that have dubious forms and origins. This is how, in The God’s anger, begins to play with time jumps showing a disturbing and intense beginning of a psychological thriller. Likewise, the intrigue will be the great point in favor of this film from Argentina.

Well, throughout the entire plot two questions are raised that leave no clues throughout the film: are the deaths that occur by chance, accidents, murders, suicides or a perfect game of a serial killer? and, in turn, who jumped into the void? Undoubtedly, a suspense that the performances of Macarena Achaga, Juan Minujin Y Diego Peretti help maintain throughout the narrative of The God’s anger.

Although, it should be noted that, who stands out the most in this trio is Juan Minujin. The actor, giving life to Esteban Rey, showed a characterization with strength and far from the cliché in which he seemed to feel everything he expressed. However, the reality is that in this production and in terms of the performances of the protagonists, not everything is rosy. It is that, although it is a film with a great preparation behind it, it must be said that as it develops, it begins to lose intensity, tension and suspense.

The main intrigues, of course, continue and that is what makes one unable to stop watching it, but there comes a time when the attraction to The God’s anger starts to get lost. Perhaps, the fact of taking it to last an hour and a half could have been a mistake when it came to being able to maintain the narrative flow. In turn, that happens with the actors. Although they have not been deplorable interpretations, already reaching the end of the film, the drama and mystery of their characters ends up tiring.

In any case, it must be said that The God’s anger it doesn’t end up falling short of expectations and has more to do with being a Netflix rage than failing. Being a story full of confrontations, perversions, threats, revenge and collusion make it much more attractive than it may seem at first glance.

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