Netflix premieres The Sandman: what to expect from the series

no spoilers

The Sandman arrives on Netflix with great expectation and then we will tell you our opinion about its first season. There will be no spoilers!

Netflix premieres The Sandman: what to expect from the series.
© NetflixNetflix premieres The Sandman: what to expect from the series.

the streaming service Netflix premieres one of the most anticipated series of the month and of the whole year, since from the moment of its announcement it has generated great expectations on social networks. We are talking about youI have Sandmanthe screen adaptation of the iconic Neil Gaiman comic that is available in the catalog from this Friday, August 5. Here’s what we thought of the show WITHOUT SPOILERS!

The plot introduces us to Dream, who shapes all the fantasies and fears of humanity. When he is captured and held against his will for a century, his absence triggers events that will change the world of dreams and waking forever. For this reason, he must restore order and correct the mistakes he has made during his long existence, traveling through various worlds and timelines that will lead him to meet old friends and enemies.

We must clarify that here there will be no comparisons with the comic and we will merely focus on what is seen in its live-action version, since we understand that it should be taken as a production apart from the publications. From the beginning, the tones of each of the episodes are marked, as well as the environment that surrounds the protagonist of this story, with the main objective of immersing the viewer in this fantasy adventure that maintains interesting sides.

The first thing to note when viewing each of the chapters is its cinematographic feature, so that the public will be in front of quality content in terms of image and from that side there will be no great worries. Continuing with the positive, we highlight the rhythm of the script marked by Allan Heinberg, being a completely light option to enjoy when learning a new story without points of boredom.

As for the negative, although we highlight its rhythm, at the same time a slight decrease is felt with the passing of the chapters about its construction as it intends to branch out its premise with small subplots. As happens with titles of this style in which it is sought to give a certain level of importance to each one, the main story is lost, which is what the program carries forward, beyond the fact that they have their own striking characteristics.

Of course, at some point this branch comes together and the end makes sense, but the road to travel to reach that destination is not entirely fruitful, but by maintaining a rhythm and a particular tone of darkness between its characters we ensure that you will not be able to get off the screen. Beyond some specific aspects, The Sandman It is a more than enjoyable series and ideal to get to know closely the mind of one of the most outstanding authors, Neil Gaiman.

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