Netflix premieres Spiderhead, an experiment and science fiction film with Chris Hemsworth

Playing with people’s psychology can sometimes be detrimental to one’s own mental health and that is exactly what Netflix poses in his new film: spider-head. The film, which premieres tomorrow on the streaming giant, stars Chris Hemsworth and it mixes science fiction, suspense, manipulation, a bit of comedy and different subplots that could have made this film a complete success.

spider-head is set in a state-of-the-art prison, which is run by Steve Abnesti (Chris Hemsworth), in which inmates are subjected to different drugs to assess their emotions. The prisoners wear a device, placed by surgical means, in which the substances are administered. Of course, before receiving their daily dose, they must accept the treatment by means of the word “recognized”.

Those who arrived at that prison, under the command of Abnesti, decided to exchange their lives in common cells, moving away from the barriers and the orange suits to become not only people with more freedom, but also laboratory rats. Undoubtedly, it is a plot that had a lot to exploit, but that was not fully taken into account by the production.

The film, first of all, it is clear that it has a low budget behind it since its only location is the prison, except for certain transitory exits from that island. But, the little monetization that this film took came to make that not even the special effects are entirely good. There are scenes in which it is noticeable that they are not real, thus losing the connection that one, as a spectator, can have with the story.

But, as if this were not enough, as the plot begins to take shape and develop, it does not have the intensity and strength necessary to catch one losing, with each step forward, its tension and suspense. In addition, the long duration of the film makes its narrative flow lose attention, except for certain action scenes that impact. That is why, those who manage to lift the tape and help it not to be below expectations are its own actors.

Chris Hemsworth As Steve Abnesti, he literally puts on the robe of the evil scientist at the helm of spider-head performing an interpretation with feeling in which you can connect with your intention of manipulation and evil. On the other hand, Miles Teller, who gives life to Jeff, one of the inmates, is one of the characters that stands out the most from the entire cast.

This man arrives in prison after a mistake that completely changes his life and, at all times, he seeks redemption. Such is the case that he shows himself to be an afflicted person who found in drugs a space for similar punishment. Moreover, his drama and his story is the one that carries out all the subplots that take place in the original Netflix film, making this character one of the most important and striking in history.

For this reason, it could be said that beyond all the production errors that spider-head from behind, including its weak script, the film is ideal for fans of psychological thrillers. Undoubtedly, a film that has the ingredients to be able to succeed on Netflix by converting to Chris Hemsworth in one of the favorite actors of the platform. Well, his interpretation demonstrates his versatility by making it clear that he is able to differentiate the characters from him.

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