Netflix premiered the original k-drama of The Good Doctor


The Good Doctor is one of the best known medical series, but did you know that it is a remake of a Korean series? Learn all the details and why you should see it on Netflix.

The protagonists of The Good Doctor
© IMDBThe protagonists of The Good Doctor

Thanks to streaming platforms there are many fictions that cross borders becoming a worldwide success. Among them is The Good Doctorwhich since its arrival at Amazon Prime Video It has turned into an unrivaled rage. Starring freddie highmore this strip reached such a point that it was renewed on more than one occasion and is now about to premiere its sixth season.

Unlike the rest of the medical dramas, The Good Doctor has captivated the audience thanks to its exciting and engaging plot. Well, the series produced by ABC follows the life of Shaun Murphy, who is played by Freddie Highmore, a resident surgeon who enters to work at a hospital. But, he is not entirely welcome there due to his autism spectrum disorder, although he manages to demonstrate his ability and brilliance. Because, in addition, he has Savant Syndrome, better known as sage syndrome.

Without a doubt, the series has one of the most innovative and interesting stories to enjoy. In fact, for that very reason it has become a complete rage around the world. But the truth is that the version starring Freddie Highmore is not the original of The Good Doctorbut it is a remake. The first production that was created of this story originates from South Korea, which implies that it is a k-drama.

The original k-drama of The Good Doctor It was originally broadcast in 2013 and was an unparalleled rage in its country of origin. This production stars Joo Won, who plays Park Si On, the young doctor with an autism spectrum who arrives as a resident at Sungwon hospital. And, apparently, the strip was so sensational that even its actor got recognition for this drama, for example, at the 2013 KBS Drama Awards where he won the award for best actor.

And now, after the furor it caused in Korea, The Good Doctor came to netflix with its first season. The series consists of a total of 20 episodes, which are completely in the streaming giant under the name of the good doctor. However, it should be noted that unlike the Amazon Prime Video strip the original k-drama has only one edition and was not renewed again. Although, now, with his arrival at the streaming giant, everything could change.

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