Netflix movies that can paint at the Oscars in 2022

With the awards season in full swing, moviegoers can’t wait for the release of the Oscar 2022 nominations. Netflix comes as one of the main competitors in the most important categories, and several releases have everything to be remembered at the event. We list below the 7 Netflix movies that can paint at Oscar 2022; Look.

Netflix’s Oscar trajectory is marked by discussions about the role of streaming platforms in the entertainment industry. Until 2019, at least, many experts debated the inclusion of digital premieres in the awards.

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With this debate overcome, Netflix came to dominate all categories. So far, projects on the platform have already had 89 nominations and 15 wins.

The most awarded films in the platform’s history are Roma, Mank and The Supreme Voice of the Blues, each with 2 wins. The Oscar 2022 will be held on March 27th.


Identity has everything to remember in the top 2022 Oscar categories, including Best Picture, Best Direction and Best Actress. Set in the United States of the 1920s, the film presents the public with an interesting debate about racial barriers, colorism and intolerance. Starring Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga, Identidade follows the story of a black woman who has the world turned upside down after meeting a childhood friend who “goes” for white.

Dog Attack

Among Netflix’s projects in 2022, Attack of the Dogs promises to be the most Oscar nominated of 2022. Jane Campion is already practically a guarantee in the category of Best Direction, and Benedict Cumberbatch also has what it takes to appear in the competition for Best Actor. With a tough plot and stunning visuals, Attack of the Dogs is a western movie that reflects on several important issues. The film tells the story of rancher Phil Burbank, a tough farmer who wages a real war against his brother’s new wife and teenage son.

the lost daughter

The Lost Daughter arrived on the Netflix catalog recently, and it didn’t take long to conquer the public and the specialized critics. The film could earn Maggie Gyllenhaal her second Oscar, this time in the Directing category. Based on a book by Elena Ferrante, the feature also features acclaimed performances by Olivia Colman and Dakota Johnson. In The Lost Daughter, the protagonist Leda – a middle-aged divorced woman – becomes obsessed with a young mother while on a vacation trip, and reflects on her own relationship with motherhood and the mistakes of the past.

Tick, tick… Boom!

Tick, tick… Boom! is a semi-autobiographical musical that tells the story of American playwright Jonathan Larson, creator of the play Rent, from his humble beginnings until his unexpected death in 1996. The film is expected to be nominated for a 2022 Academy Award for Best Soundtrack and Best Actor. At last, Andrew Garfield is considered one of the main competitors. Many experts believe the star will take home his second statuette.

God’s hand

The inclusion of A Mão de Deus in the category of Best Foreign Film is practically a certainty, since the feature appears on the Academy’s previous list, released in December 2021. The work of the iconic Italian director Paolo Sorrentino, A Mão de Deus adapts for the screens diverse experiences of the filmmaker in adolescence. Sorrentino grew up in Naples, and the Italian city is also the scene of the lauded feature. The title A Mão de Deus also refers to the fame of Maradona, whose influence is felt throughout the film’s plot.

Revenge & Punishment

According to Variety magazine’s website, Vengeance & Punishment should also appear in some Oscar 2022 categories, such as Best Film and Best Director. Produced by Jeymes Samuel, the epic Western relies on a dynamic plot and solid cast to create a truly surprising story. The film follows the story of the confrontation between the outsider Nat Love and the ruthless criminal Rufus Buck, all in an American Wild West setting.

don’t look up

Don’t Look Up could be Netflix’s “Zebra” at Oscar 2022. Although it was a huge hit with audiences and sparked interesting debates on social media, Adam McKay’s film divided critical opinion. Part of the press considered the project an excellent metaphor for climate change. But many experts said the film was “too obvious to be taken seriously”. Even so, Não Look Up may appear in several award categories, including Best Original Song with “Just Look Up”, by Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi.

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