Netflix Launches Perfect Marathon Series After Round 6

2021 can already be called “the year of South Korea on Netflix”. Over the past few months, the platform has released some of the most successful South Korean productions of all time. Round 6, for example, became the most watched series in the platform’s history. Now, Netflix plans to repeat that success with Prophecy of Hell. We list below three similarities between the productions; check out.

Hell’s Prophecy hit the Netflix catalog on November 19, and it didn’t take long to win over an international audience. The supernatural series approaches aspects of South Korean culture with sensitivity and dynamism, presenting the world with a different perspective on the mysticism of the region.

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“When supernatural creatures start sending people to hell after brutal convictions, a religious sect emerges that has divine justice as its highest precept,” states the official synopsis released by Netflix.

In addition to being produced in South Korea, Prophecy of Hell has some similarities and aspects in common with Round 6, although it bets on a completely supernatural story.

Conquered international criticism

Both Round 6 and Prophecy of Hell had a great reception from the specialized critics. Both South Korean productions received high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, and gained much praise from professional reviews.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the biggest aggregator of movie and TV reviews on the internet, Round 6 has 94% critical approval and 83% public approval. Hell’s Prophecy, in turn, was even more praised, with 100% critical approval and 84% of the audience. In other words, both series are acclaimed and successful productions.

The acclaimed directors of Prophecy of Hell and Round 6

The producers of Prophecy of Hell and Round 6 bet on hiring directors and screenwriters with some experience with international audiences. Hwang Dong-hyuk, creator of Round 6 (Squid Game), is best known for directing the film In Silence, an emotional drama based on a sex scandal that shocked South Korea.

Yeon Sang-ho, the creator of Prophecy of Hell, is even more famous among international audiences. The director is responsible for the hit Invasão Zumbi, considered one of the best horror films ever produced in South Korea, and one of the most electrifying zombie movies of all time. The filmmaker also produced Peninsula, the continuation of the story.

Prophecy of Hell and Round 6 Success on Netflix

Another interesting similarity between Prophecy of Hell and Round 6 is the fact that the two series achieved rapid success on Netflix. Squid Game entered the Top 10 of the platform a few days after its original release, and the same was repeated with Prophecy of Hell, which also appears among the most watched series in several countries.

Even though they share common aspects, Prophecy of Hell and Round 6 are also very different. While Round 6 is a survival story anchored primarily in human resilience, perseverance and despair, Hell’s Prophecy is a completely supernatural plot that also has interesting social critiques.

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Prophecy of Hell and Round 6 are available in the Brazilian Netflix catalog.

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