Netflix launches a site that ranks the most viewed programs

Have you always been curious about the most watched movies and series on Netflix? The platform grants your wishes with its new site which will publish its popular programs on a daily basis. Clearly, Netflix has no shortage of tips to satisfy its subscribers.

Netflix: an empire still overpowered

Some businesses can experience exponential growth. This is the case of Netflix, which has been shaking up the audiovisual market for more than a decade. Indeed, it should be remembered that the company was initially a simple online service of rental and purchase of DVDs delivered to homes. From 2007, the American platform has changed drastically. Thus, it has been able to extend its service outside the American zones (South America, Europe, Oceania, etc.). It also changed its business strategy by becoming a subscription VOD service. By renewing the habits of its consumers (they can now watch their entire favorite series at once if they wish), Netflix has revolutionized everything in its path.

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Integrating many diverse and varied programs, since 2013, the platform has produced “Netflix-labeled” dramas. This is how series such asHouse of Cards, Stranger Things, The Money Heist and The Crown have seen the day. These have become real pop-cultural phenomena. Some fictions are also produced in countries other than the USA, leading to a real internationalization of the platform’s productions. Unlike some media, Netflix intends to give a chance to all creators from around the world, large and small.

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Surrounding itself now with more prestigious resources, actors and directors, Netflix is ​​now a major player in the market. Even the biggest ceremonies (Oscars, Golden Globes…) no longer hesitate to nominate or reward certain Netflix original feature films. This shows how profoundly it has evolved, indirectly giving rise to formidable competitors such as Amazon Prime or Disney +.

A top 10 in full transparency

If the platform has sometimes been accused of never communicating the audiences of its programs, it has been much less secret in recent years. We were able to see it in particular through its interface which has been showing for a year now the top 10 most watched series and films in the catalog. However, the method had been decried by many detractors, accusing Netflix of communicating. without really proving his words. This then brought about a snowball effect for the programs cited in the top 10 since they were therefore viewed en masse by subscribers. A marketing strategy that went wrong with some.

Henceforth, Netflix will therefore launch a site that will publish every week the 10 most watched movies and series in the world, and by country. Named, this website will be based on the total number of viewing hours per week of a production. To prove its total transparency, Netflix even commissioned an independent firm to verify that the figures given are correct. Want to know if Squid Game, Lupin, The Witcher Where The Bridgertons Chronicle are really series massively viewed by subscribers? Eager to know if your favorite movie or show is one of Netflix’s top 10? The platform gives you the opportunity.

If this new indicator may have some flaws (long programs could be favored, to the detriment of shorter formats), we can only welcome Netflix’s attempt to find solutions, to be more transparent to its subscribers.

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