Netflix landed an actor for Prince William in the Crown 5: he has a connection to Dominic West

In November 2022 Netflix will premiere one of the most anticipated seasons of The Crown. The fifth edition is not yet complete in its entirety, but it has already become one of the most controversial. Is that, due to the chronological order that the series maintained since its inception, now it remains to capture one of the worst stages in the history of British royalty. Among these is the separation of the Princes of Wales and the subsequent and fateful death of Lady Diana..

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However, just as it happens every other season, The Crown It will not only renew its history, but also its entire cast. It is already confirmed that Olivia Colman, Tobias Menzies, Josh O’Connor and Emma Corrin left their positions as Isabel, Felipe, Carlos and Diana respectively to make way for new actors. Now Imelda Staunton will be the Queen, Jonathan Pryce will give life to Philip of Edinburgh, Dominic West to the Prince and Elizabeth Debicki to the Princess.

But, in all this cast, those who were missing were neither more nor less than two of the most important members of the monarchy. It is about Princes William and Harry that will be just for this season of The Crown when they take more prominence. According to history, at the time that it will be captured in the series they were teenagers, so the ideal would be to look for young actors who represent those ages.

And, after months of intense castings, the production has finally decided who will play the first-born of the Princes of Wales. This actor will debut in the Netflix strip and has a close bond with one of the protagonists. As reported Variety, the actor who will play Prince William will be Senan West, the son of Dominic West.

In addition, the same portal revealed that the youngest of the West will only personify the Duke of Cambridge in his youth to maturity. Of course, the actor will play in The Crown be the protagonist when reliving the death of Lady Diana where certain tense moments will be shown with her father. However, despite the fact that this information caused a sensation, the truth is that we still have to wait for the official confirmation from Netflix.

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