Netflix: Is there a Merlina Never Again Academy?


Wednesday, starring Jenna Ortega, is a trend on the streaming platform. Find out if this institute is real or created by Tim Burton for the series!

Jenna Ortega plays Merlina Addams on Netflix.
© IMDbJenna Ortega plays Merlina Addams on Netflix.

The trends of Netflix They were revolutionized with the arrival of merlin to the catalog. Directed by Tim Burtonstarring Jenna Ortega and with the participation of Christina Ricci, it is a new series from the universe of the addams family. The fiction, which is already among the most viewed, revolves around the mythical Wednesday and is framed in the tone of detective mystery. And many of the users wonder if there really is the Never Again Academy in which the plot takes place.

With supernatural elements, the Netflix production is set in this institute where Merlina develops as a student. It’s not anywhere: there, you can see the protagonist’s attempts to control her powers. “He will seek to master his budding psychic ability, stop a monstrous murder wave that has terrorized the city, and solve the paranormal mystery his parents became involved in 25 years ago.”, explains the official synopsis.

Although the great attraction is her intelligence and sarcasm while investigating a series of homicides, it should not be overlooked that she is a young woman looking to make new friends and enemies. All these new and complicated relationships take place in the imposing Nunca Más Academy. Is it a fictional place or does it exist in real life? Find out what is true in this story of Los Locos Addams here!

+ Merlina: Does the Nunca Más Academy exist?

Although the universe is very well built, the truth is that the Never Again Academy it’s pure fiction. In any case, he even has his own website with information that pretends to be real. “FFounded in 1791, Nevermore Academy is an academic institution that breeds outcasts, freaks, and monsters. Our mission is to help each student master her extraordinary abilities through world-class academics and unique extracurricular activities.“, reads one of its sections.

Likewise, in one of its sections it presents its director Larissa Weems and notable students such as Morticia Addams, Ignatius Itt and Edgar Allen Poe. Also, it highlights her current students, as is the case of Wednesday Addams herself, and her classmates. Bianca Barclay and Yoko Tanaka. Thats not all! It also includes footage from the series simulating parent meetings and academy events that never actually happened.

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