Netflix Hit “Red Notice”: Video Proves Ryan Reynolds Wasted Millions

The action film “Red Notice” is already considered the most expensive Netflix film of all time – Ryan Reynolds also made sure of that. A video now gives us the proof.

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The star-studded Netflix movie „Red Notice“ started with the streaming service in mid-November. In it, Dwayne Johnson tries as an agent to catch a masterful art thief (Gal Gadot) and needs support from another impostor (Ryan Reynolds). The fun action film is considered the most expensive film that Netflix has ever made. According to director Rawson Marhsall Thurber, “Red Notice” cost between $ 250 million and $ 300 million.

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One of the reasons for the high cost is the stars Gal Gadot (“Wonder Woman”) and Ryan Reynolds (“Deadpool”) betrayed. The two were guests on The Jonathan Ross Show (via Independent) and said that they fooled around a lot while shooting, which is why many takes were unusable, as Gadot says: “We broke so many takes. [Ryan Reynolds] was waiting on the corner to distract us. “Reynolds adds,”We wasted millions of Netflix dollars laughing and fooling around on the set.“

In the meantime, the video of evidence has also reached us, as Netflix released “Red Notice” outtakes, in which it is definitely clear how much Reynolds made his co-stars laugh:

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“Red Notice” used new camera technology

Surely that is not the main reason why the film has become so expensive for the streaming service. After all, the three stars are among the most sought-after actors in Hollywood and will have demanded correspondingly impressive fees. Deadline reports that Dwayne Johnson received $ 20 million for the film and writer and director Rawson Marshall Thurber (“Skyscraper”) received eight-figure compensation. In addition, like many other productions, the film had to pause due to the corona pandemic, a circumstance that also cost the studio money.

In “Red Notice”, the audience can expect an impressive tracking shot that has never happened before, as the director explains in an interview with

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“Yes, these attitudes are very, very special. In fact, these settings have never been seen in film history, as the technology we used to implement these settings was only invented about six weeks before we used them. “

This is a small camera attached to a drone for racing and equipped with a special lens. According to Thurber, it was controlled by the best drone pilot in the world. Compared to all of these aspects, Reynolds and Gadot’s screwed up takes shouldn’t have mattered much. “Red Notice” has existed since November 12, 2021 on Netflix.

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