Netflix has a new strategy to recommend users what to watch

It has been more than ten years that Netflix It is present in more than 200 countries. This company little by little grew in terms of content and quality and, today, it is positioned as the best in the streaming service. Innovating in the way of watching movies and series bringing viewers the comfort of home, the platform has more and more users and, now, it will manage to keep them with a new strategy.

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One of the clear examples that Netflix has to keep his fans hooked is to update his library every month. Although in 2020, due to the COVID pandemic, it could not make the corresponding and expected premieres, by this 2021 it has already managed to accommodate. In fact, despite the immense competition it has, it remains just as compelling for users.

But now, Netflix added a new recommendation for viewers: the TOP 10 of each week. Recently from the platform they announced that they launched the “Netflix Top 10”, a website that will help any series fan and movie fan when it comes to choosing content. On this page you can find global weekly lists and by country with the most popular titles of the streaming service.

According to the announcement launched by the on demand service, every Tuesday there will be a new list in which there will be a top 10 chosen according to the hours seen from Monday to Sunday of the previous week. This decision is suitable for both original titles and those that are on the licensed platform. And, for better organization, each ranking will be divided so that the choice of content that fans will be able to see will be easier.

The lists will be as follows: Global Top10 of English-speaking Movies, English-speaking TV, Non-English-speaking Movies, and Non-English-speaking TV. Although, the most popular titles for each of the categories will also be published. And, as if this were not enough, Netflix also announced the update of the general lists, which will count the total hours seen in the first 28 days of publication of a title.

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