Netflix forced The Crown to make a drastic change in its final season


The Crown prepares its sixth season, which will be the last, but with a drastic change in its ending. Know all the details.

The Crown
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The strategies of Netflix in order not to lose more users, it has driven some production companies crazy. Among them is that of Peter Morganwho acts as the creator of The Crown. This series is about to premiere its fifth season in November 2022, but at the same time the team is developing the sixth and final part. Although, for the closing of the story of Elizabeth II they had to make a drastic change forced by the on demand service.

The fifth season of The Crown It will be focused on the 1990s, but especially on the legal divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Also, this indicates that the Netflix series will make a journey through all these years until the beginning of the new millennium. Of course, at the moment, it is not entirely clear how they will capture the worst events that marked Lady Di’s life: Carlos’s deceptions, his revenge interview and, of course, her subsequent death.

However, these episodes will not be the last, but The Crown will have a sixth edition which is already in the process of production. And, without a doubt, it will surprise the fans. This is because recently The Sun confirmed that Netflix forced Peter Morgan to make season 6 open-ended. Apparently, this decision is in order to be able to add more editions in the future, which indicates a greater role for Princes Harry and William.

Season six was originally supposed to end in 2002 and now, with the new changes, everything indicates that the series will extend until 2005. This means that the marriage between Camila Parker Bowles and Carlos de Gales could be included in The Crown. In turn, this change in production leaves the doors open to address the Megxit and the allegations of abuse of Prince Andrew, one of Elizabeth II’s children.

Also, in NovemberNetflix also plans to release a documentary about Harry and Meghan where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex tell their whole story. Apparently the intention to rush these releases has to do with the great loss of users they had in the last quarter. Well, with the launch of these two strips they have the objective of anticipating the memories of the Duke of Sussex, who will launch all his secrets in a book and thus be able to raise his profits.

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