Netflix: Doramas dubbed into Spanish that you can see today

Korean dramas catch us with their characters and stories, but if you are the type of fan who prefers to enjoy the chapters in Spanish, we bring you a list of recommendations that you will see again and again on Netflix.

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One of the drawbacks of dramas is that you must have one eye on the protagonists and another on the subtitles in our language, those who know Korean are lucky and can enjoy each scene with more attention.

But as they say, for every problem there is a solution and there are Dubbed K-Dramas that make our day by being able to watch and listen to our favorite series at español, What dramas meet this characteristic in Netflix?

Next, we leave you a list of recommendations with Korean dramas dubbed into Spanish on Netflix to make your kill accompanied by your whole family and immerse them in the world of the Hallyu Wave. YAY!

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Dramas on Netflix with Spanish dubbing to comfortably watch until the end


Starring: Song Kang and Han So Hee

Park Jae Uhn is a charismatic college student who is attracted to girls, but he doesn’t like official relationships, so when he meets Yoo Na Bi, his whole perspective on love will change, what will happen to them?

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The King’s Affection

Starring: Park Eun Bin and Ro Woon

When the crown prince’s wife gives birth to twins, she worries that the kingdom believes she is bad luck, she saves her daughter, but takes her out of her life. Growing up, her brother dies and she must take his place.

Stars: Song Joong Ki and Jun Yeo Bin.

Vincenzo Cassano is a young Korean who in his childhood was adopted by an Italian family, becomes a lawyer for the mafia of his new nation and later returns to South Korea to get hold of a huge amount of gold, what setbacks will he find on their way?

So Not Worth It

Stars: Park Se Wan, Shin Hyun Seung, and Choi Young Jae.

Can you imagine the adventures of a group of international students living in the city of Seoul? The drama tells the story of boys in search of learning more about Korean culture, in the midst of a constant struggle to find love and stay true to their friends.

Move To Heaven

Protagonists: Lee Je Hoon, Tang Joon Sang and Hong Seung Hee.

Gu Roo (a boy from Asperger) and his father have a unique company that is about keeping the belongings of the dead, when Gu Roo’s father dies and requires a guardian, at that moment Sang Goo, his uncle arrives.

  • Love is like the cha-cha

Hometown Cha Cha Cha

Stars: Shin Min Ah and Kim Sun Ho.

Hong Doo Shik is a multi-talented man who can do everything, this makes him one of the most beloved citizens of his town because they always turn to him to help him, one day he meets Yoon Hye Jin, who is a dentist with a brilliant personality.

HEY! In other ideal recommendations for you… Korean dramas on Netflix, the next releases that will catch you.

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