Netflix confirmed when season 2 of I’m Georgina premieres


The second season of I’m Georgina It will arrive on Netflix this 2023. Know when: the production has just confirmed it.

© NetflixGeorgina Rodriguez

Last year Netflix dazzled thousands of people with the premiere of I’m Georgina. This documentary series based on the life of Georgina Rodriguez It has been a before and after in the influencer’s career. Well, with this production many details of his life have been known that, for his followers, were completely new.

With the creation of I’m Georgina Netflix managed to reveal all aspects of his life, from the most public to the most intimate. This miniseries is an in-depth and emotional look at the women behind the covers, the photos, the stories, and the big headlines. Outside of being Cristiano Ronaldo’s partnershe is a model, a mother, influencer, dancer and businesswoman.

in six episodes Netflix showed the day to day of Georgina Rodríguez, but the reality is that this has not ended there. In the last chapter you can see a move, good news and much more information that was left unfinished. Such is so the influencer returns with more I’m Georgina in a second seasonwhich already has a release date.

When does the second season of I’m Georgina premiere:

Although there is no official release date yet, Netflix has just confirmed that the second season will be published in March 2023. And, although it was already evident that it would be released this year, the truth is that the month in which it will come was only confirmed. For now it is not known when, but the new episodes are expected for the first days of March.

It must be remembered that, from the second season of I’m Georgina can also be part the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo to his new team, Al-Nassar. Although, at the moment, there is no trailer or much more information about it, just a confirmation: the series returns to Netflix in March.

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