Netflix | Comedy Tips To Brighten Your Rainy Sunday!

How not to like a good comedy? The most consumed genre in the world, those movies we use to have fun in complicated weeks where we just want to relax and laugh! Over the years, and increasingly, the most popular consumer genre of streaming brings us hundreds of titles from all over the planet.

As demand is always high in the huge ocean that is the streaming leader’s catalogue, below is a list with comedies on netflix:

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mother and much more

There are always spaces in life’s stories for a better ending. Silly Comedy Camouflage mother and much more, is much more than a sugar water story. It manages to draw reflexive parallels about age, doubts, uncertainties within a context of friendship that passes from mothers to children. Written and directed by the filmmaker Cindy Chupack (producer of the famous series Sex and the City) the film bets on three different aspects of the relationship between mother and child, with three fantastic artists who exude charisma. Over a nice 100 minutes, the feature film, which is available in the Netflix catalogue, walks, not too shallow, not too deep, through taboo subjects within these relationships.

Thi Mai

How far does the love of a mother go in the search for the fulfillment of the wishes of a daughter who is no longer around? written by screenwriter Marta Sanchez and directed by the filmmaker Patricia Ferreira, the spanish feature film Thi Mai manages to very objectively mix the surfaces of comic moments with an elegant depth to talk about grief and unfulfilled desires. Camouflaged in a sugar water film, the project is about renewing some meaning in the life of an elderly woman after a terrible loss. Available from the Netflix catalog.

How to Hack Your Boss

Within a universe of interaction that may or may not be limited but certainly can become a trend, movies made from interactive computer screens, what some call Desktop Movies need a lot of creativity not to become boring, like for example in the case of the great film Buscando… Trying to surf this wave the Brazilian comedy How to Hack Your Boss, directed by Fabricio Bittar that even having a very superficial script and with some exaggerations, it seeks an approximation with reality when it makes good parallels with the countless comic situations that can happen in a home office.

More than Friends: neighbors

The world and its uncertainties. The reflections of a society in eternal crisis. Addressing various perspectives and situations that many of us live during the lockdown time due to the Covid Pandemic, More Than Friends: Neighbors, available on Netflix, is a French drama comedy that makes us reflect on the changes we’ve been through all this time. Directed by Dany Boon, who also writes and acts, the film promises to thrill a lot because of the beautiful messages it contains. We knew that many productions would come to portray the historic and landmark event that is being our fight against the terrible Covid virus that unfortunately has already taken the lives of many across the planet. The project seeks to portray situations but is also critical (even if superficially) and remains in line with hope.

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Organize Yourself Right…

The thousand ways to be happy. Walking in a very fun way on the always controversial subject of the paths of pleasure Organize Yourself Right… is an unpretentious Spanish comedy that ends up generating laughs in many moments, in addition to making us reflect on the issue of sexuality through different perspectives and the varied stories of its amusing characters. directed by the filmmaker Paco Caballero, the feature film is available on Netflix.

The Distinguished Citizen

Winner of the prestigious Goya award in the best Iberoamerican film category and nominated for the disputed Golden Lion in the best film category at the Venice Film Festival, the Argentine feature film The Distinguished Citizen it mixes the unfolding of seclusion with the comic and unusual consequences of a return to the first home, transforming the two hours of screening into tragicomic moments that will remain in the memory of moviegoers around the world. Oscar Martinez, who plays the protagonist of this story, deserves a lot of credit for his beautiful performance.

a bath of life

Never look down on depressed people. Directed by the actor and also French director Gilles Lellouche, the deep camouflaged drama of comedy a bath of life, talks about a great evil of recent times in a light way and with a very beautiful message on how we can resist the pains that plague us. Using a curious sport for men as a backdrop, a great insight from the writing team, the film brings together big names in French cinema such as: Mathieu Amalric, Guillaume Canet, Benoît Poelvoorde, Virginie Efira e Jean-Hugues Anglade.

X project

Who has never dreamed of giving a big party and calling all the acquaintances of the school/college and because this is remembered wherever he goes? In the movie X project, three friends exaggerate the dose and hold a big celebration full of confusion. With bouncy balls, drinks, flying dogs, a rude gnome, bare breasts in the pool and lots of jinxing, the director’s feature Nima Nourizadeh promises to drive curious minds to delirium.

Motti’s Awakening

A plotted destiny is a dagger in the heart of those who want to breathe an air of freedom and make their own choices. Nominated for an Oscar in the category of Best Foreign Film by Switzerland, and released by streaming in several countries (including Brazil through Netflix), Motti’s Awakening tells the subsequent confusions of a young university student who, in search of his happiness, decides to go against everything he learned with his family, especially the arranged marriage. Delicate and with great comedy time, the feature film directed by the Swiss filmmaker Michael Steiner it’s a great lesson on traditions. A great find in the Almighty Streaming catalog.

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