Netflix CANCELS one more series after two seasons; Check out the reaction of subscribers!

Another original series from Netflix failed to sustain itself and ended up being abruptly canceled by streaming.

The Comedy Drama’Gentefied‘, produced by actress America Ferrera, passed through the cut just two months after the release of its second season – which hit the schedule on November 10th.

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Check out the reaction of subscribers:

The story follows three Mexican-American cousins ​​as they struggle to pursue the American dream, even as that same dream threatens the things they hold dear: their neighborhood, their immigrant grandfather, and the family taco trade. Contextualized in an ever-changing Los Angeles, the series navigates important themes such as identity, social class, family, community and Latino.

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Enjoy watching:

The information was confirmed by the magazine THAT ONE, mass Netflix did not issue any official statement commenting on the decision.

Check out the Season 2 trailer:

The series was created by Marvin lemus e Linda Yvette Chavez.

Joaquin Cosio, Karrie Martin, JJ Soria e Carlos Santos star.

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