Netflix: Best historical dramas that will make you travel to the past

Asia has always been proud of its roots and many of its dramas perfectly show what its culture and traditions were like several centuries ago. These series are perfect for delighting in their stories, clothing, and architecture, and will make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time.

The past is always attractive and many dramas They have been able to capture the history of their culture in different series, told from different perspectives which captivate the viewer. These dramas are available on Netflix and they are unmissable.

The year is almost over and the winter holidays are near, so it is a perfect time to marathon all kinds of dramas. If you still don’t know which stories should be on your drama to-do list, these recommendations Each of the chapters will have you stung with their stories.

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Historical doramas on Netflix that will captivate you for their stories and landscapes

  • Under the Queen’s Umbrella

Year: 2022

If you like stories about the importance of family, Under the Queen’s Umbrella is a must-watch drama. It is currently on the air and new episodes are released every week. The story is about a queen who decides to abandon the ‘quiet’ personality that queens must have in order to educate her children, which can be quite a case. Each one has a distinct personality and story. Starring Kim Hye Soo, Bae In Hyuk, Moon Sang Min, and more. It will have 16 chapters and has 2 on Netflix.

Year: 2019

After the king dies under suspicious circumstances, a royal clown who is identical to the deceased king decides to take his place and will be involved in a series of intrigues and problems from people who want the crown and the power in which that king is now. commoner. Will he get out of it unscathed? It is an adaptation of the famous tale The Prince and the Pauper. Starring Yeo Jin Goo, Lee Se Young, and Kim Sang Kyung.

Year: 2022

In a world that was seized by war, a prince and a princess from different sides will decide to join forces to fight for what is fair and along the way, various feelings could flourish between them, but will their love be possible or will evil of the world will separate them? Starring Yang Yang and Zhao Lu Si. It has a total of 40 chapters.

  • Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures

Year: 2019

This drama is the continuation of Story of Yanxi Palace. However, it is a continuation that focuses on the life of the princess of the Qin Dynasty, who is determined to decipher all the intrigues that take place inside the palace on her own. While she, in turn, she begins to face the mysterious world of love. Starring Wang Herun and Wang Yizhe. It has 6 chapters.

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Year: 2018

A story of doubt and romance during the Japanese Occupation. After serving in the US Army, a man returns to Korea where he meets a woman from a wealthy family who actually has several secrets. Starring Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Ri. It has 24 chapters.

  • Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung

Year: 2019

Can you imagine being criticized for wanting to learn to read or write? At a time in Korean history, women were not allowed to study and were frowned upon. The drama is about a historian who, although many dislike that a woman works in the palace in that position, she will prove that she is the most qualified for that job, thus making her own story. Starring Shin Se Kyung and Cha Eun Woo. It has 40 chapters.

Year: 2016.

If you love Anastacia’s story, this drama will catch you. It tells the life of Feng Xin Er, an orphaned princess who must flee to avoid being killed after her entire family was wiped out. However, she ends up in enemy territory and must take on another identity as Li Wei Young. She will now, she will do everything possible to regain the power that was taken from her and in the process, she may even get a taste of love and romance. Starring Tiffany Tang. It has 54 chapters.

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