Netflix becomes SBT and becomes the target of Internet jokes

Netflix is ​​getting more and more like SBT. At least that’s what internet users say.

Recently, some productions caught attention for their great prominence on Netflix. Rebelde, Café com Aroma de Mulher, Angel Face and Accomplices of a Rescue reached the Top 10 of the streaming service.

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The relationship of this with SBT is undeniable. After all, Rebelde and Café com Aroma de Mulher are new versions of soap operas that had great success on Silvio Santos’ channel, while Carinha de Anjo and Accomplices de um Resgate are productions by the network itself.

On Twitter, Internet users played with this connection between Netflix and SBT. Check out some posts from users of the social network below.

The new version of Rebelde, from Netflix

“In high school, the new school year begins, but a secret society threatens the students’ musical dreams,” says the official synopsis of Rebelde on Netflix.

The novel’s plot is a reboot of the original production, not a direct continuation of the story of Mia, Roberta, Lupita, Giovanni, Miguel and Diego.

In Nova Rebelde, fans follow the routine of a new generation of students at the Elite Way school, which was also the setting for the Televisa series.

As the synopsis already indicates, the new story bears many similarities to the original plot – such as the presence of a secret sect that threatens new students.

The actors in Rebelde include Azul Guaita (Jana), Sergio Mayer Mori (Estebán), Andrea Chaparro (MJ), Jerónimo Cantillo (Dixon), Franco Masini (Luka), Lizeth Selene (Andi), Alejandro Puente (Sebastián) and Leonardo de Lozanne (Marcelo).

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Estefanía Villarreal, Celina’s interpreter in the original Rebelde, reprises her performance, this time as director of the Elite Way.

Giovanna Grigio, a Brazilian actress famous for her performances in Chiquititas, Malhação and As Five, plays Emilia.

Rebelde has its first season available on Netflix.

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