Netflix announces ‘Rebel’ season 2 release date. See what to expect from the new episodes

When will the second season of “Rebel” be on Netflix?? The streaming platform announced this Wednesday (22) that new episodes of the series will arrive on the 27th of July. It is worth remembering that the first season of the remake premiered in January and was a worldwide success, securing the top 10 spot on Netflix for several weeks.

The new season arrives on the platform with the unfolding of the stories that were left loose at the end of the last episode of the first. In addition, a new member will arrive at the EWS to move the corridors of the school. Played by actor and singer Saak, Okane promises to cause on his arrival.

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What will be in the second season of ‘Rebelde’?

And if you’ve come this far to find out about the second season of “Rebel” it’s because you’ve probably already watched the first. However, it is always good to give that SPOILER ALERT Next. Recalling what happened during the first season and was left open, you can get a good idea of ​​how the story unfolds during the new episodes.

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It is likely that, in the next season, the series will explore more the fact that Esteban (Sérgio Mayer) has discovered that he is Luka’s (Franco Mansini) half-brother, since, in the first season, this information was given in the last episodes.

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We’ll also see more of Luka’s transformation from a person who did everything he could to sabotage his friends to a repentant one who helped the group unmask the “Loja”. In addition, the character’s fate was left open with his departure from high school.

And speaking of “Shop”, another valid point to observe will be the routine in the EWS without the members of the sect. Will a new group emerge?

Finally, the departure of MJ (Andrea Chaparro) from the band and her union with Seba (Alejandro Puente) will give new directions to the young woman’s relationship with Dixon (Jerónimo Cantillo). Another relationship worth following will be that of Emília (Giovanna Grigio) with Andi (Selene). Esteban and Jana should also yield good stories in the next season, since at the end of the first season the student decided to let her reason speak louder than her emotion and ended up with the boy.

Who is the newest member of ‘Rebelde’?

In January, Netflix announced that a new member will be coming to the EWS: Okane. Saak is the stage name of the actor who will play the character. Despite not being well known in the acting world, Saak is successful in the music business.

Saak started singing in 2014, when he invested in cover videos for his YouTube channel. Investing in R&B and pop, the singer has a song with more than 8.4 million streams on Spotify, “Waze”. On Instagram, he accumulates more than a million followers (a number that tends to increase with the debut of the series).

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