Netflix announces new premiere date for the second season of ‘Casamento à Cegas Brasil’. Know when!

With the second season of “Casamento à Cegas”, a version broadcast in the United States, available on the Netflix platform, the public was waiting for the Brazilian version of the reality show that was etched in the fans’ memory after shacks, polemics and romances. With a preview date announced for November, Netflix made some changes to the calendar and released the new release date of the reality show.

Presented by Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo, the reality show that introduced Shayan, expelled from “A Fazenda” after historical confusion with Tiago, to the world will return on December 28 to the platform streaming. “Blind Marriage” swill be released in three partswith the final two available on January 4 and 11.

What will the dynamics of Casamento à Cegas Brasil be like in the second season?

O reason for the postponement after the release of previews was not informedbut the rules remain the same. Participants will spend ten days literally talking to blind, through dand cabins to get to know each other, as happened with Nanda Terra and Mack David, who had a child together after their experience on the program.

The intention is that create emotional bonds with whom you want to marry. After accepting, the couples they see each other for the first time and, as a result, they already embark on their honeymoon. the production of “blind marriage” was inspired by “No Limite” and will take couples to a hotel in the amazing Amazon Rainforest to initiate coexistence and physical connection.

After having fun, couples move in together for a month in order to test their love and coexistence. This step is before going up to the altar, which caused controversy in the first season and stirred up the web a lot. After the yes or no at the altar, they meet again in a special live for a celebration with a way of “washing dirty clothes”, involving conflicts and endings, as happened with the last couple who were together.

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