Netflix announced the animated series Masters of the Universe: Revolution


Kevin Smith continues his vision of the Masters of the Universe universe with an animated series about the confrontation between He-Man and Skeletor. Safety pin!

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Masters of the Universe: Revelation told the story of how Teela found out that He-Man is actually her friend Prince Adam and the series of events that unfold after the warrior discovers this secret. Meanwhile Skeletor hits the heroes of Eternia where it hurts the most: at Castle Greyskull. The show was divisive among fans of the Strongest Man in the Universe but Netflix will give it another chance and you will have continuation.

under the title of Masters of the Universe: Revolution, kevin smith He returns again as showrunner and on his social networks he announced: “I am excited to move forward with Masters of the Universe on Netflix and very grateful to everyone who watched the original series this past summer. We were empowered to return to Greyskull for another epic adventure on Eternia.”.

The He-Man story is still on Netflix


The synopsis shared by the Streaming Giant says: “He-Man and Skeletor will clash like never before in a series that continues the events of Masters of the Universe: Revelation”. Attention! There may be surprises in this second season by kevin smith because there is a chance that it will appear she rathe cousin of he-man.

The end of Revelation left the doors open for a second batch of episodes based on this universe. Evil-Lyn lost her powers and Teela became the new Sorceress. For the first time in his life, Prince Adam will not have to hide his secret identity as he-man while Skeletor was assimilated into the Motherboard cult, which has connections to Hordak, the villain of she ra.

Channeling the combination of the power of the universe and the wisdom of the elders of Eternia, Adora transforms into she rathe most powerful woman in the universe. Her strength comes not from her brute strength, but from her righteous will and her ingenious magical powers and healing ability. She also has the ability to telepathically communicate with animals. She defends Etheria from the Horde led by Hordak… will she appear in Revolution?

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