Netflix already says goodbye to La Casa de Papel with a video that opens the possibilities of a spin off

On December 3, the long-awaited and final season of The Money Heist. With five new episodes, Netflix is ​​about to close the story of the most famous and feared robbers in Spain. Now, after the tragic end of the first part, the members of The Professor’s gang must face the police hand-to-hand and grief over the loss of their great friend, Tokyo.

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The Money Heist it was a huge rage from the moment it hit Netflix. The platform managed to take over the rights to the series after its cancellation on Antena 3 and, from then on, its success was unstoppable. For years the strip created by Álex Pina was on everyone’s lips and now, with the end just around the corner, the fans are crazy. It is that, for the first time, the fate of the band so acclaimed by the public will be known.

But, in the five closing chapters, Netflix found a way to lessen the anxiety of the followers. A few days ago he announced the name of each of the episodes, but now he went for more. In a video published on the official account of the Latin American platform, they showed that they are ready to say goodbye to the series, but they opened the possibility of a spin off.

Goodbye to the band, hello to the resistance. The Money Heist ends this December 3”, They wrote to accompany the audiovisual. And, without a doubt, the voice-over that speaks in the video is the one that left everyone shocked. Referring to the famous song from the strip, Bella Ciao, they explain that “ciao in Italian means bye, but also hello”And, apparently, now it is the fans of the band who could take center stage if a continuous program is carried out on this one.

Although this is nothing more than speculation, the truth is that after each ending there is always a new beginning and the desires to see a spin off of each character are more valid than ever among the faithful to this story. However, it should be noted that neither the production nor Netflix confirmed the information, but this is more than enough proof that a new group of fanatic robbers of the already legendary can be created.

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