Netflix almost repeats another movie’s story in Love Without Measure

Have you already checked out Amor Sem Medida, the newest Brazilian release from Netflix? The comedy starring Leandro Hassum and Juliana Paes brings at the center of its plot amusing moments that involve the short stature of the protagonist. As a result, many fans have already noticed similarities between the film and Crush Heights – another Netflix production with a similar theme, but in reverse.

Amor Sem Medida is a Brazilian remake of the Argentine feature Corazón de León. The national version is directed by Ale McHaddo, screenplay by Michelle Ferreira and produced by Georgia Costa Araújo and Luciano Patrick. The executive production is by Luciano Patrick, Andrezza de Faria and Nicole Weckx.

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Along with Leandro Hassum and Juliana Paes, Amor Sem Medida features Elizângela, Marcelo Mansfield, Marcelo Laham and Luana Martau in the cast.

Below we’ve explained everything you need to know about the similarity – and the differences – between Love Without Measure and Crush Heights on Netflix.

The common theme of Love Without Measure and Crush to Height

Amor Sem Medida already conquers fans of romantic comedies on Netflix with a touching, sensitive and plot full of twists.

The film follows the story of Ivana and Ricardo, played respectively by Juliana Paes and Leandro Hassum.

Amor Sem Medida begins by approaching the routine of lawyer Ivana Cornejo, who has a stagnant love life after she divorces her husband.

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In a frenetic day, the protagonist ends up losing her cell phone, and at this moment, she finds the big luck. An unknown, good-natured man calls her, saying he has found the device.

Ivana agrees to have coffee with the stranger to retrieve the device, and is surprised by the short stature of Ricardo Leão, the character of Leandro Hassum.

To make Leandro Hassum much shorter than Juliana Paes – in real life, the actor is 1.8m and the actress 1.7m – the film used forced perspective and special effects.

Amor Sem Medida does an interesting job in addressing how height influences men’s personality and the way society views them.

Crush à Altura, on the other hand, focuses its plot on the other end of this spectrum, revealing the dramas of a tall girl in her teens.

Released in 2019, the film follows the story of Jodi, a tall girl who suffers from teasing peers and other problems at school.

At the time, the film was heavily criticized for choosing the perspective and “problems” of a character privileged in every way – after all, the film’s protagonist, in addition to being tall, is white, blonde and thin.

Despite being criticized by the specialized press, Crush à Altura figured in the list of most watched movies on Netflix in 2019.

In other words, Amor Sem Medida has the possibility of repeating this success and even surpassing it – since it addresses the issue of height with more sensitivity than the American film.

Love Without Measure and A Crush at Height are available in Netflix’s Brazilian catalogue; Check out the trailer of the Brazilian production below.

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