Nesvačilová does not seem: Pletky with Polívka for the fourth time!

Denisa is a member of a motorcycle club where the murder takes place. Junior is investigating her and will be very close to her. “We are already a couple in front of the camera, such as Daniela Kolářová and Jaromír Hanzlík,” laughs Nesvačilová. “We hear each other, we love each other, and we’re even a little jealous when we say we’re shooting something and we’re not playing together,” the actress adds. She had a bit of a problem riding a stuffed machine while filming. She rides a scooter, but this one was big and very heavy, and she almost didn’t reach the ground with her feet. But even that worked. “I’m already looking forward to meeting Vlada at the next job,” admits Denisa.

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Denisa Nesvačilová enchants Vladimír Polívka’s Poldo

Professional partners

Denisa and Vladimir still have something to catch up with. Kolářová and Hanzlík first appeared together in the film The Pleasures of the Fatherland, then formed a couple in Noci na Karlštejně, in the series Such a Normal Family, in the films Subtenants, Father or Brother, Lucie Fear of the Street, Zase ta Lucie and many others.

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