Nenito Vargas shares his experiences with Victorio Vergara

Cesar Fula

this morning on the show your tomorrowHe was a special guest Nenito Vargas to talk a little about his anecdotes and experience with the “Tigre de la Candelaria” Victoria Vergarathat this July 21 marks the 24th anniversary of his physical disappearance.

“It was a surprise because I wasn’t prepared for that, the guys from the group told me that you have to keep playing,” commented Nenito Vargas.

On an afternoon of cantadera in Las Tablas, Victorio had the opportunity to listen to me and after that they already know the story, since they are 43 Nenito Vargas has dedicated himself to typical music, which at first was dedicated to playing the guitar.

Nenito comments that after his first interaction with Victorio Vergara, he had received an invitation from him to help him in one of his presentations, Nenito points out that he knew 80% of his musical repertoire, that was beneficial for him because there was the beginning of a great story.

“I remember that in a presentation Victorio fell on the platform, I told him to be careful that the boards do not look very good, but knowing Victorio he gets excited and starts jumping and a hole opens up in the middle of the platform”, he shares. Nenito Vargas

The typical music performer remembers with great joy the anecdotes of music, presentation and great friendship that Nenito Vargas had with Victorio, despite the fact that 24 years have passed since his physical disappearance, he still remembers it with great emotion.

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