Nelina overwhelmed: My father is gone for hours!


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21 November 2021, 14:00

Nelina erupted against the Minister of Health Dr. Stoycho Katsarov, affected by his statement concerning the covid crisis. The beloved singer had the misfortune to get personal impressions of how the authorities are coping with the pandemic, fighting for her father’s life. Unfortunately, he died on November 1.Days after the tragedy, the singer of the unforgettable hit “White Mercedes haunts me in life” shared her indignation: “I listen to the Minister of Health and I do not believe my ears! Bulgaria had enough oxygen and covid beds ?! In Silistra for more than a month there are no free beds in the infectious ward of the only hospital there! So my father left for hours! Get down on the ground with the people, Minister! People die like dogs without adequate medical care! I hope you don’t have to experience it on your back, because you won’t be in this position for long. “The words of the singer provoked an immediate reaction from her followers, who, along with condolences for the family tragedy, also took a stand on the topic of the health crisis. Nelina said she had a covid in September and called on people to get vaccinated. The topic of vaccination was also touched by her followers. The singer did not give a clear explanation why her father was not vaccinated, given that he is at risk.She stressed that there are people with other diseases who are not allowed to be vaccinated, and according to her, her mother and father are such a case. However, the feeling remains that the singer has not made enough effort to convince her parents to get immunized after all. – something we should do before blaming the health system. Fans shared a horrific experience of admitting and caring for their loved ones in hospitals with covid wards. The nightmare they went through included an emergency admission, infection with covid in a hospital, searching for places in covid wards, returning … “I have been paying insurance for 30 years and I still pay for a large part of my research. Our social security is inhabited by others who have never worked in their lives, let alone paid social security contributions “, the singer is angry. Her friends did not stop expressing condolences for the tragedy that befell her, and many of them continued to share stories related to disorders in the health system. “Our pitiful mother! May God not allow a person to reach a hospital! ”Nelina concludes.

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