Nel Monteiro lashes out (again) Leandro live: “You are being a bad payer…”

Nel Monteiro used his Facebook account, last Monday, January 3, to leave a statement about the singer Leandro.

The artist is one of the competitors of “Big Brother Famosos”, which premiered on Sunday (2) and mentioned, at the gala, that his “godfathers” are Cristina Ferreira and Manuel Luís Goucha.

Confronted with the singer’s words, Nel Monteiro came to “put the dots on the i’s” and told how the real beginning of Leandro’s career was, leaving him some criticism.

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This Tuesday, January 11, live on “Manhã CM” the controversy was commented on by Gonçalo Quinaz, Léo Caeiro, Sónia Costa and Adriano Silva Martins and, at one point, Nel Monteiro went live, via telephone:

“I would never talk to Leandro about what is going on between us if I didn’t really hear that the godmother who was A and the godfather was B (…) and I wrote “your to your owner” because Leandro’s godfather is Nel Monteiro and the godmother is TVI”, started by reinforcing.

“I did you no harm”

He considered that, “perhaps”, Leandro does not want to be associated with him, revealing how the connection between the two has been in these years:

“We haven’t had communication over these years (…) we don’t have a friendship relationship, unless we meet on a television show, he comes and shakes my hand and that’s it, that’s all”, he said.

“I think he is being a bad payer, he has other priorities of people to thank (…) those who did nothing for him, as I did, are in first place”, continued.

Nel Monteiro explained again that, at the beginning of his career, Leandro “knocked on the door of several publishers”, however it was Nel Monteiro’s agency that “helped” him:

“When he went to TVI to show a little song, on the show “Os Novos Talentos”, he said that he liked to record an album but that he didn’t have the money and I called him there, brought him here, made him an offer, he accepted and We signed a contract for 3 years (…) as soon as the record came out, he saw that it was selling well and then he wanted to get out of here”.

The Portuguese singer clarified, at the end, that when Leandro leaves “Big Brother Famosos”, possibly, both will have a conversation:

“I am his godfather (…) I am hurt because, in fact, who is his true musical godfather I am and it is not other people (…)”.

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