Neither Ozark nor Bridgerton: a 5-hour series is the most watched on Netflix right now


The platform has a new series more chosen by subscribers, leaving behind Ozark, Bridgerton and more important titles. See which one is #1!

Neither Ozark nor Bridgerton: A 5 hour series is the most watched on Netflix right now.
© NetflixNeither Ozark nor Bridgerton: A 5 hour series is the most watched on Netflix right now.

The statement that reported a severe drop in subscribers did not go down well with the streaming service Netflix, but they show week after week that their contents are the main ones to be commented on social networks. The main feature of the company is to make its recent releases become all the rage in just a few days, as has just happened and we will tell you about it below.

Bridgerton It arrived with its season 2 at the end of March and from there it positioned itself at the top of the audience rankings, to the point of becoming the most chosen English-speaking show in the history of the platform. In a short time, he arrived Ozarks with the second part of their final installment and also rose to the top, but it did not last long. Right now, the world’s favorite series is welcome to eden.

According to the daily update of the FlixPatrol website, this Spanish program created by Joaquín Górriz and Guillermo López is currently the most viewed worldwide. Its first season consisting of 8 episodes was added to the catalog of Netflix on May 6 with a story that mixes genres such as thriller and science fiction, enough to captivate streaming users in less than a week.

What is it about? Official synopsis: “Are you happy? With this question Zoa and four other attractive young people, very active on social networks, are invited to the most exclusive party in history on a secret island, organized by the brand of a new drink. What begins as an exciting journey will soon become the trip of a lifetime. But paradise is not really what it seems… Welcome to Eden”.

The specialized critics have left mixed thoughts, but the exploitation of the resources used is mainly highlighted, such as the performances of a young cast and a unique location, which makes it completely attractive. Best for viewing is that can be enjoyed in just over 5 hours, which makes it special for a weekend. For this and much more, welcome to eden managed to position himself at the top of Netflix and is already waiting for its second season.

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