Neither Cobra Kai nor the Witcher: Netflix has a new most watched series currently


The audience ranking spoke and ruled that there is a new series that is positioned at the top, leaving behind other great productions of the platform. See what it is!

Neither Cobra Kai nor The Witcher: Netflix has a new most watched series currently.
© NetflixNeither Cobra Kai nor The Witcher: Netflix has a new most watched series currently.

The streaming service Netflix had a great 2021 in terms of series, taking into account that its audience record has been broken twice: Bridgerton in january and The Squid Game in September, with 142 million views in its first 28 days. To close the year they decided to add the fourth season of Cobra Kai, which was an instant hit, but the fury was short-lived and another show just got over it.

One of the characteristics of the platform in recent years is that the contents within the catalog are continually exceeded, although there are exceptions with various productions that have a certain loyal audience. This is the case of The Witcher, a program that with its second installment has just been added to the list of the most alleged in history, although having arrived almost a month ago leaves room for another fiction to be the leader in the current Top 10.

+ The most watched new series on Netflix


According to the latest daily report from the site FlixPatrol, the series that is positioned right now as the most watched Netflix worldwide is Stay Close The Stay close. It is a British crime drama of just 8 episodes created by Daniel O’Hara based on the novel of the same title written by Harlan Coben in 2012. It arrived at the library on December 31 and its figures show that in the last week it obtained 91,180,000 million hours reproduced.

Official synopsis: “Stay By My Side raises the question of how well you can really know someone. In this series of unmistakable emotions, chilling suspense, and mysterious crimes from the past that begin to unravel, four people keep murky secrets from their loved ones: Megan , a working mother of three children, Ray, a promising documentary photographer, Broome, a police inspector unable to distance himself from an archived missing-person case, and Lorraine, an old friend of Megan’s. The past has come back to haunt them. , and it also threatens to ruin their lives and those of those around them. What will be their next step? “.

It is starring Cush Jumbo, James Nesbitt, Richard Armitage, Eddie Izzard, Jo Joyner, Sarah Parish y Daniel Francis, among others. Just as viewers gave it a good reception, critics have also, according to Rotten Tomatoes, giving it an 88% approval based on 8 press reviews. If we continue in the same way, it is possible that at the end of January Stay Close be the most viewed series of the month.

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