Neighbor finds unusual posters in the elevator, publishes them on Twitter and causes a furor

There are many basic rules that improve the neighborhood relationship within a condominium. However, others can cause discomfort among tenants. This was confirmed by José Faurio (), who shared an image viral in social networks with the new ‘instructions’ that they established in their building to promote good coexistence.

the tweeter faurius was entering the elevator in his neighborhood when, suddenly, he noticed three posters that contained some peculiar prohibitions. One of the attached sheets described the activities that cannot be done on the property.

In that sense, the small banner indicates that it is not allowed smoking in the elevator, throwing cigarette butts in the hall, leaving dog feces, drawing on walls, taking keys out of gates, making loud sexual noises and allowing unaccompanied people to enter”.

Likewise, the second poster of the community of neighbors indicates “forbidden to sell drugs”. While the third folio posted on the wall recalls that “The next dog that falls… in the corridor, we shit… inside”.

Controversy in social networks

The publication of @pepefaurio turned trend and has already added more than 44 thousand “likes” on the platform of the blue bird. In addition, the tweet sparked various opinions and more than one person was against these prohibitions.

“The one who emits loud noises is because he wants to be heard”; “how lucky I am to live in a normal community”; “That building is a bit shady, I wouldn’t want to live there”; “the one with the dog is too much”; were some of the comments.

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