Negotiation, the judges on Dell’Utri acquitted: “The last mile is missing, there is no certain proof that he communicated the threat to Berlusconi”

Another serious acquittal – besides that of the Carabinieri del Ros despite “the sudden initiative” for the good of the State “- concerns the former senator of Forza Italia Marcello Dell’Utri who, like the carabinieri Mario Mori and Antonio Subranni, had been sentenced to 12 years. The “certainty of proof” is missing the accused “despite his heavy involvement in the pre-electoral and also post-electoral phase (with actions such as to assume abstract relevance for a different type of crime, however covered by the intangible acquittal of which it was said intervened for the facts referred to in articles 110 and 416 bis of the criminal code subsequent to 1992) did not participate in the threat to the political body of the state. In other words, there is no proof that this accused, despite its ramified implications in the backgroundhas completed that blackmail / threatening project of which he too had full knowledge at the behest of the exponents of the Cosa Nostra and following his repeated interlocutions, which took place up to December 1994, in particular with Vittorio Mangano “.

Furthermore, “starting from the position of Marcello Dell’Utri – write the judges – it was possible to observe that there is no certain proof that he acted as an intermediary for communicate the renewed mafia / massacre threat up to Berlusconi when he was President of the Council of Ministers so going through what, due to simplification, can be identified continues the Court of Assizes of Appeal – as “The last mile” traveled which the crime would have been brought to fruition“.

THE ATTEMPT TO THREATEN THE STATE – Instead, the court upheld the convictions for the leaders Leoluca Bagarella And Antonino Cinà. “Even in the absence of proof of the spreading of the threat to the detriment of President Berlusconi, it is evident that the crime has stopped at the level of the attempt with a conduct that is attributed in these terms to the defendants Leoluca Bagarella and Giovanni Brusca … There is no doubt, in fact, that the blackmail project resumed in March 1994 by these subjects, after the arrests before Riina and later by the Graviano brothers (who had their own communication channel with Dell’Utri), was not completed, contrary to the will of Bagarella and Brusca themselves, only because – they write the judgments in the motivations – Dell’Utri did not convey (rectius: there is no evidence that he did) the threat to the Government “. On the other hand, that the conduct of the military has been there – including the omissions concerning the failure to search the Riina hideout and the unwillingness to arrest Provenzano – is also demonstrated by the confirmation of Cinà’s conviction. Riina’s doctor is accused of having been a postman to the papello, that is the sheet of paper with the requests made by the chief of the leaders to stop the massacres. That piece of paper was meant for Massimo Ciancimino, who would pass it on to his father Vito and by the latter he would then be handed over to the carabinieri. That of Cinà is the only sentence confirmed in full by the Court of Assizes of Appeal: it means that in this case for the judges the crime of violence or threat to a body of the state has consumed in a total way.

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