Nearly 10,000 chicks remain in a raging barn fire in Peer

© City of Peer


A raging fire destroyed a chicken shed near the Kiezel Kleine Brogel in Peer on Wednesday evening. Some 9,600 chicks remained in the fire. The fire also released asbestos, but the precipitation would have been limited to the site.

Geert VanBaelen

© Geert VanBaelen

On Wednesday evening, the fire brigade received a report of a raging fire in a chicken shed on the street called ‘Op de chickens’, a side street of the Kiezel Kleine Brogel. Upon arrival, flames were already shooting through the roof. “The stable of more than 500 m² was ablaze,” says fire officer Koen Maes. “We were able to prevent the transfer to the house, the adjacent stables and the hay storage. However, 9,600 chicks have died. The animals had just been delivered.”


The roof covering contained asbestos. The necessary precautions were immediately taken. “The asbestos contamination has been limited to the site itself,” says the fire officer. “A remediation company will be appointed, but there is currently no danger to local residents. If local residents believe they find asbestos fragments on their land, they can contact the city.” Mayor Steven Matheï came to ascertain the situation.

© Geert VanBaelen

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