‘Ndrangheta in Rome, the interception: “Here there is pasta for everyone, but we must be quiet”. The judge: victims did not report for fear

“There was a time they have targeted the Sicilians… Cosa Nostra … Cosa Nostra … and we … under track we did … now it is to be understood that they have taken us in the heat of us Calabrians and now that we have to be quieter … quiet … eh … things get done “. It is September 9, 2017 when Antonio Carzo called “Ntoni Scarpacotta” explains the risks of those who choose the ‘ndrangheta as a way of life. “One until does not go to jail and it takes a few years because one … 2 or 3 years … enters and makes them with … when you start talking about 15 … 16 years … the thing already begins a little … at 41 (bis, ed) … already begins to to be different … I don’t know if you were at 41 … at 41 your brain starts to leave you … I am done 7 and a half yearsWedgeAscoli … Not only did I finish 2 years and they sent me to… and I got another 2 years a Carinola“.

The wiretapping are contained in the papers of the investigation “Offshoot“Which has shown how, since 2015, the clan Alvaro of Sinopoli “Would have received the authorization to set up a ndrangheta club in Rome“. A place that, as the investigating judge explains Gaspare Sturzo“Would have had a diarchic regency composed as much by the Antonino Carzo how much from Vincenzo Alvaro“. The latter is the son of Nicola Alvaroa ninety piece of the ‘Ndrangheta from Calabriaonce the head of Cosoleto but above all peacemaker of the post-war feuds. “He has reunited all families – he feels in an interception – and he created peace, he made the partition. He’s the one who handled the whole thing. Now he (Vincenzo Alvaro, ed) takes the place of his father … because the father is elderly! When there is a problem between families … they call him … he meets with the other families, they sit down and discuss the problem until it is resolved! Because there should be no problems… everything passes by him! ”.

In the mountains with a view Aspromonte as in Rome, the rule is always to stay “quiet” and work “under the radar”. Or at least this must have seemed. To put it in the words of the suspect Giuseppe Pennain the capital “there is pasta for everyone“. The important thing is to understand “the need is to maintain the balance within the organized crime operating in the city “. That Rome does not want masters, Penna expressly says on 20 October 2016 to Domenico Alvaro, understood “Micu u Merru“. He explains to him “how to do business in Rome, penetrating inside the capital but without hitting the Mafia powers of many other criminal groups that control the various areas of the Eternal City “. “It’s not like I’m in charge here in Rome… – says Penna recorded by Dia – a Rome I knowthese Magliana are all our friends, all these Castles are … these in Rome, all the Eur that is all with us … a severed hand … we all know them … a Torvajanica… At Circeo… I am a friend of everyone and I respect myself with everyone ”.

“The Roman club, – it is written, in fact, in the precautionary custody order carried out by Dia – also due to the extension of the territory, did not try to impose a exclusive and military control of the territory of Rome, as is typical of the territorial structure of origin in the regional areas of origin, but without this having done away with the capacity for mafia intimidation “. It can be understood from the wiretapping of some entrepreneurs who are relatives of one of the Alvaro’s figureheads: “Why did they put him in the middle … These are Calabrians… If they want to put you in the middle they put you when, how and where they want ”.

Fictitious headings but also extortion in which the arrested “weighed the relations with the ‘Ndrangheta”. Threats were on the agenda: “No problem… send me to jail! send me… but when I go out… but before I go out… They come up from Calabria…. I miss them dogs! “. It is the voice of Giuseppe Penna who explains how one relates to the victims: “In the office … I put the gun in his mouth“. And again: “Do you want to call the Carabinieri, call them … I’ll fuck the Carabinieri … the Finance? … where do you want to go? … the Police Headquarters? … tell me where you want to go, I told him that I don’t care about a shit that you want to report me … inc .. report me to me .. arrest me … but I have a ship behind me … there are not even the fins left … I told him to his face “.

The investigating judge Gaspare Sturzo draws the conclusions: “All the circumstances have given proof of mafia method and of the fear of those who found themselves on the path of the leaders and associates of the “local ‘ndrina” led by the diarchy Carzo and Alvaro, or of Giuseppe Penna who professed his open closeness to the’ Ndrangheta (“behind me there ‘is a ship ”), also backing up close friendships and acquaintances with Domenico Alvaro known as ‘Micu U Merru’ (already sentenced definitively for 416 bis), preventing the victims so to report to the police being afraid of retaliation “. “We are faced with a complex of events that have developed since 2015/2016, some still ongoing until September 2020 – reads the ordinance – and in any case with permanent effects as regards companies and companies currently managed with capital of illicit origin, or object of recyclingshowing how the suspects were able to prevent any form of collaboration with the judicial authorities, both of the victims and of professionals not in collusion with them, as well as of the employees of the companies and companies themselves “.

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