NCT will be at ISAC 2022: Will all 23 group members attend?

After two years without being broadcast, Idol Star Athletics Championship will be back this year and among its guest artists will be the members of NCT, a group from SM Entertainment. Upon hearing the news, fans were excited, wondering if all 23 members will be a part of the show.

NCT was confirmed to appear on the show Idol Star Athletics Championship of this year. The program will be done again after two years without being carried out due to the pandemic. What is known about the stake of the group?

NCT will be part of ISAC 2022. // Source: Twitter @elfviya

Many K-Pop fans absolutely love the show. ISACa sports competition where many groups meet to compete and show who is the best in different disciplines, which often have nothing to do with their position as idols. SM-Entertainment He always participates with most of his groups, for that reason, the announcement that NCT is returning to the show made his fans very happy.

A lots of NCTzen They can’t wait to see the group on the show as they know it will be full of fun. A clear example is each one of the programs where the group appears together, because they are always joking or doing funny things. How will they behave at ISACs?

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NCT confirmed to appear on ISAC 2022 show

Through a Korean portal it was announced that NCT is one of the first groups confirmed for Appear in the Idol Star Athletics Championship 2022. A sporting event where many K-Pop groups gather to compete against each other.

Although in the statement they mention that NCT is a multicultural group with 23 membersso far it has not been confirmed if all the members of the group will attend the Program. In past editions, only NCT ​​subunits used to attend the show, so many fans want to know who will attend.

On the other hand, Luke continues on hiatus Win Win is currently in China filming a drama, so they do not know if these members will also be part of the program. Would you like to see all 23 at ISAC?

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When will Idol Star Athletics Championship 2022 be recorded?

On the other hand, Idol Star Athletics Championship will start recording July 30 and will last until August 1. The program can be seen during the Chuseok festival in South Korea, between September 9 and 12. Can you imagine that other groups are going to perform on the show along with NCT?

In other news, the ISAC 2022 MCs and dates have been confirmed. Do you want to know which artists will direct the event?

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